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Magaosi K5

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  1. all999
    New 5 armature iems from Magaosi. Including bluetooth reciever for 169$.

    Bass driver is Knowles and 4 other are Magaosi's custom made.

    • Magaosi K5
    • Driver:5 balanced Armature
    • Impedance: 22ohm
    • Frequency response: 20hz-40khz
    • Sensitivity:118Db
    • L&R Channel balanced sensitivity: <2DB
    • Max Input Power:10Mw
    • Wire: braided silver-plated cable
    • Plug material: 3.5mm gold- plated
    • Distortion: <1
    • Connector: MMCX
    • Cable Length: 1.2M

    FB_IMG_1509084478927.jpg FB_IMG_1509084473426.jpg FB_IMG_1509084465539.jpg FB_IMG_1509084481345.jpg FB_IMG_1509084481345.jpg FB_IMG_1509084468242.jpg FB_IMG_1509084484129.jpg
  2. Aevum
    The bluetooth adaptor comes with them ?
  3. all999
  4. Ted Presley
    Magaosi K3 Pro is really impressive IEM (esp. with an upgraded cable), really interested in this new K5 :L3000:
  5. Trebor1966
  6. all999
  7. Trebor1966
    it is the wholesale price for companies like penon - but you can also order one unit on demand
  8. thelonius97
    $89 for 1 unit. That means it's cheaper than the K3? What am I missing?
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
  9. Wiljen
    I think i'll have one shortly as I really like the K3. Got a email in to Penon waiting on reply now.
  10. drag0nslayer
    $89 is just for iem heads and if you want full package than its $115 and its still way less than penon's price.
    I just ordered one from alibaba.
    Lets hope it doesn't ruined first experience as thereis no single word about them :D
    Risk it is.
    Ted Presley and Trebor1966 like this.
  11. Ted Presley
    And you pay through Paypal or credit card? I'm also interested in buying one.
  12. drag0nslayer
    I paid through Western union But you can also pay through T/T but that will cost more due to transaction fee .. Western Union is better if just want single item.
  13. thelonius97
    Can you provide the link for this full package. Also, how much did they charge for shipping?
  14. drag0nslayer
    They charged me $33 for shipping but i have friend in china so i asked them to ship to him as they dont shipthrough aliexpress shipping method as they are wholesaler. They shipped my friend for around $3 and then my friend shipped it to me through Singapore Registered shipping for Around $3.5.
    thelonius97 likes this.
  15. Wiljen
    Sounds to me like Penon's final price isn't a whole lot different than the wholesale by the time you add the kit cost and the $33 shipping since most of us don't have the people in strategic places to avoid the shipping costs.
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