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Magaosi K5

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  1. drag0nslayer
    Even if you add $33 shipping cost its still less than $150 and with under week of delivery. Penon's price still more than that.
  2. Wiljen
    $115 for the kit +$33 for shipping is $148 so "isnt a whole lot different" than $150. I'm leery of going the western union route when for $2 more I can use a payment method with buyer protection. We all have different priorities.
  3. drag0nslayer
    Yeah every one has different priorities obviously and May be you can ask penon to reduce the price few $ by giving them the ref of alibaba seller.
  4. thelonius97
    Dunno if it's just me but it looks like Penon bumped up the price to $170. Or was it always that much?
  5. drag0nslayer
    It was $169
  6. thelonius97
    Oh. Never mind. That's what I meant- it's 169.90
  7. Wiljen
    For $20 I can see the benefit of going the wholesale route, I was thinking they had it at $150 from something that was said earlier.
  8. Ted Presley
    Ordered one as well, waiting to get my hands, nope my ears on it :beyersmile:
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  9. thelonius97
    So apparently the $89 one comes with an MMCX cable and eartips. But they want $30 for shipping..
  10. Ted Presley
    Basically, the whole package (with Bluetooth cable) and express shipping will cost about 15-20 usd cheaper than order through AliExpress. Still slightly cheaper IMO.

    Actually, they accept one piece order now just because this IEM is new on the market, when it's more popular (as Magaosi K3 pro), they will only do wholesale.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2017
    thelonius97 likes this.
  11. Wiljen
    Mine is on its way, I went the Penon Route as I had already been talking to them about a review sample and wound up getting it. Now, I thinking of grabbing the Xeulin Ihifi 100 off Penon to go with them as I don't see much discussion of it either and I'd been debating an A5.
  12. DShim
    Might be worth waiting for 11th Nov when aliexpress goes on sale... according to them "the best deals of the year" hopefully by then there should be more sellers and participating in the sale. Interested to know how they sound though before placing an order.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
  13. Ted Presley
    Got mine. First impression vs. K3 Pro is: better bass quality (slightly more quantity, but just slightly), high got slightly better clarity.

    Just listen for few hours, and this is my personal feeling (and I'm just a casual listener).
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  14. all999
    Any new thoughts? Some photos?

    Mine will arrive tomorrow I hope.
  15. Ted Presley
    Very good so far (versus K3 Pro), IMO, the most noticeble difference is the clearer sound (K3 pro sound is a little veiled vs. K5), slightly better bass quality, high also improves a little. Again, just my own opinion.
    Some pics:
    IMG_20171106_094513_HDR.jpg IMG_20171106_094624_HDR.jpg IMG_20171107_202244_HDR.jpg
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2017
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