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  1. griff06
    I hope im wrong but it looks like they are available in just black with pink stripes??

    Slightly dissappointing (from an aesthetic point of view) if thats the only colour scheme..
    DBaldock9 and Mdclol like this.
  2. strawed
    Looking forward to hearing these as a big fan of the A4's, but I will likely have to put some black nail polish over those gaudy honda-esque wings if I ever own a pair. It just oozes dorky chi-fi trademark infringement.
    griff06 and DBaldock9 like this.
  3. DBaldock9

    I agree - and was contemplating what it would take to paint or ink over the pink stripes.
    A certain amount of masking tape, and a steady hand... :wink:
    1TrickPony likes this.
  4. peter123
    The last listing on Aliexpress does also seem to have been removed for now.....
  5. griff06
    Yea it does seem an odd move. Maybe they will introduce other colour schemes. N.Y.P.M.A
  6. rae39852
    If it's red and black, that will be better I guess
  7. rae39852
    I find them on Amazon from LSR-Direct Store. It will be shipped out around 10th Jan.
  8. TimeSnow
    They seem to have one (1) in stock.
  9. rae39852
    It shows they are in stock on January 8th.
  10. TimeSnow
    Ah I see now, that's correct! :)

    Nice catch!
  11. rae39852
    and Aliexpress is also available now. haha order it ASAP
    Ahmad313 and TimeSnow like this.
  12. TimeSnow
    I am still uncomfortable with AE.

    I'll wait for Penon of Amazon.co.uk....
  13. TimeSnow
  14. Ahmad313
    Which store has now for order, can you please share the link of that store,???
  15. TimeSnow

    As a whole, this is a balanced, slightly upset headset, with a light bottom and a bit of pricking, which may be better or better.

    It can be improved. The parsing is excellent, the sound field is moderate, the knot is normal, and the strange problem of the anti A4 Beidou [I think this means Big Dipper] sound field.

    The auditioning machine is not run yet, and it's a little stiff.

    Then the East fast audition no filter can be changed, a bit dumbfounded, characteristic is not toneable........

    The price of the old loyalty is a bit embarrassing, the quality is better than the A4, but the 4 kinds of filters are less playable. At present

    In the high frequency part of less control force leads to excessive thorn, this is the first time after abtest, I gave A4 a comment.....

    In a word, we expect other filters to come, and the performance after the boil."

    Also this:


    "It's a lot better than A4, but my ears don't like it all the time, and the auricle* has a little foreign sense, too."
    - I think this is referring purely to the comfort/feel of the A5.

    *The auricle or auricula is the visible part of the ear that resides outside the head.

    Make of this what you will.

    Also, here's a higher rez photo from that review - click to embiggen.

    Last edited: Jan 2, 2018
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