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  1. thejoker13
    I can personally vouch for D.D Audio as well. They've been a great store to deal with and I have been very happy with my transactions with them each and every time I've ordered from them.
  2. Lidson Mendes Br
    Aliexpress only buy from DDAudio Store and Penon. I had serious problems with Wooeasy Earphones.
  3. TimeSnow
    I assume it's quality not quantity of the treble?

    And do we know if the low mids will be the same as on the A4?

  4. Broquen
    And it would be great to know, if possible, if LZ has worked in drivers sound crossover somehow. I remember some posts mentioning little lack of coherence regarding A4s (of course, it does not have to be true and can be very subjective). Just curious.
  5. Holypal
    Frequency response curve, from LZ's taobao store

  6. audioIQ
    Yep, Lillian from DD Audio is very helpful, I've always had a good experience from that store, and I've started exclusively ordering from them. Penon is good as well, but their prices on AE are a bit higher than their own website, and I feel a lot better ordering from AliExpress due to its dispute/refund policy.
    Currently LZ A5 is nowhere to be found on AE though, but it'll be available again soon, I'm going to take the plunge when it comes back in stock.
  7. duyu
    Some complained about the ergonomics of A4. LZ also knew which combinations of filters of A4 are more popular. Not to mention the reviews available. So, I guess he just knew what he should improve on A5.
    peter123 likes this.
  8. rae39852
    agree, these two are good sellers.
  9. rae39852
    I talked with Lillian once and she's very nice. If I go to Aliexpress, DD audio is always my first choice.
    Lidson Mendes Br likes this.
  10. Nezzad1
    So apparently filters are as follows:

    Blue : 3KHz ~ 10KHz +2db
    Black: 3KHz ~ 10KHz +1db
    Gray : 3KHz ~ 10KHz -1db
    Red : 3KHz ~ 10KHz -2db

    Also, these start out from 8HZ (A4's were marketed as 10Hz with red filter) so there is a high possibility for more sub-bass rumble. Yay!
    Meder Bakirov and Broquen like this.
  11. Brooko Contributor
    The A4 has no coherency issues - at least not to my tastes anyway. It has a really nice transition from lower to upper mid-range. They also developed and sold their Big Dipper (current flagship) - a 7BA per side (Knowles) with active crossovers. They are outstanding. They are so good I purchased a set (yep - paid real money for them). I could have simply kept my review set - but I make a practise of buying anything I really like for personal use. Easy choice for me - one of my most used IEMs.
    thejoker13, audioIQ, PacoBdn and 2 others like this.
  12. Broquen
    Thank you. It is not the same thing to read a public review, than someone experienced saying it plain. No more worries about this.

    On the other hand, I can't afford Big Dipper now (and not sure if they are what I'm looking for), but I'm waiting for A4 delivery and, depending on A5 sound signature and changes vs A4, will save some money for them too.

    I like funny iems cause mainly listen to them when I'm out, and cannot enjoy music analysis as at home at lower volumes.

    Also, I'm very eclectical regarding music tastes, and need some "all terrain" sound signature. It is the reason I'm so interested in LZ tunable products, because of filter flexibility and excellent base sound.
  13. Brooko Contributor
    Hopefully I'll have the A5 within a couple of weeks. I'll measure it and post the filter differences when they arrive.
  14. benchan2
    For those in mainland, first batch of LZ A5 is said to be shipped on 7/1
  15. griff06
    This is not directly related but is there good audio shops in Singapore that i can buy or test IEMs like LZ or ibasso etc.

    I am flying over in June and want to see if its better to wait until then as might be cheaper or just get them in UK sooner.
    Thanks in advance
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