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  1. Skullophile
    Can't wait to take this Honda out for a spin.
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  2. benchan2
    Appreciate your effort XD
  3. Selenium
    This makes me want to play Excitebike. :sunglasses:
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  4. rae39852
    You can always find good product with great price on Aliexpress. That's not so bad.
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  5. rae39852
    DD-AUDIO on Aliexpress and LSR-DIRECT on Amazon(search for LZ A5 as keyword) is now for sale or pre-sale more accurately. The item should be released around 8th Jan. Hope this will help.
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  6. Broquen
    Hello there, just sharing.

    My last experience with AE (NiceHCK) is far from good.

    I ordered A4 21 days ago (and was thinking about A5, if reviews are good in near future). It was supposed to arrive between Dec. 24th and 28th but it is still in Singapore.

    The tracking shows no movements since Dec. 20th. and I contacted NiceHCK to let them know, so they can contact post office, send another pair if mine is lost.. Whatever to help order to arrive asap. But they say that I must wait for 37 more days. No worries about costumer, short answers telling me that all is ok if it takes 60 days or less, and that they won't do nothing and we have to wait.

    Contacted AE support by chat and they contacted with NiceHCK, promising that vendor will communicate with me again with some solution, but a short answer with the new extended term, and an screenshot that shows a countdown with 37 days, is all the answer was.

    It seems that if things work inside rules (their rules) all is ok. Customer satisfaction or bad delivery service seems not to be important. Kind answers live in another planet. Now, I must decide if I wait for two months more and accept that or enter in a war of complaints with AE and NiceHCK.

    I don't like Amazon because it's doing so much damage to little (and not so little) companies, but in cases like this, to buy in Europe, US, etc. is like night and day.

    EDIT: Almost forget... The worst of all is that A4 were a new years gift (but my friend is back to home again, 700km from here), so no gift exchange in person was possible.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2018
  7. TimeSnow
    Thanks for this... this is EXACTLY my concern.

    I live in Ireland and the notion of any sort of local shops selling this sort of thing is laughable... so online is my only choice. Amazon is flawed, but in this and many cases they're literally the only realiabse option aside from Penon.

    The main difference is with Amazon - even with Chinese stuff - a lot of it is sitting in a warehouse in the UK.. so wait times are in days, not weeks.

    Thanks very much for sharing your experience! Sorry its not great.
  8. Broquen
    Same here. I live in Barcelona (Catalonia) and is hard to find certain products. We have to buy them online too.
    Regarding AE, they're having legal issues in Spain, because are opening a couple of physical shops but don't want to adapt to Spanish rules and are offering only one year warranty, 7 days for return and a customer service far from Spanish minimums . The new I saw is from "El confidencial" 3 days ago.
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  9. Ahmad313
    got it , thank you very much ,
  10. X-Frame
    Didn’t LZ send out prototypes of the A4 to select reviewers in advance for their thoughts and then LZ ultimately made changes and we got the current A4? They didn’t do that again with the A5?

    It seems like the prototype process for feedback benefitted the A4’s greatly.
  11. Broquen
    Due in LZ, people know what they do (if we look back they gained enough credit), I think that they already had a clear idea of what A5 should be.
    On the other hand, I'm not impressed about design and materials at all (some lack of premium feeling for me) and I think that LZ should know it.
    In short, that makes me think that they, maybe, are very confident about final product SQ and the rest :ksc75smile:
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  12. Ahmad313
    About the design and look i am 100% agree with you and how they sound it is still a suspense ,
  13. peter123
    After having experienced both the A4 and the Big Dipper I'm very confident that LZ knows what they're doing.
  14. TimeSnow
    This is very interesting! I had no idea they were trying to shift into bricks and mortar retail.

    Thanks for the info!
  15. Nezzad1
    After discussing with LZ directly, I got info that the main difference between A4 and A5 will be treble. Bass is confirmed to sit between black and red filter on A4, as I previously speculated.

    Even a slight increase in sound quality is fine with me, as the ergonomics of A5s are way better, and it's hard for me to get a perfect seal with A4s.

    Color me interested. I'm probably going to buy them the first day they are available.
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