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  1. rav101
    To that point though, does anyone have an idea how much a filter (or set of filters) might cost?
  2. Ahmad313
    I think a full set of filters will be 10 to 15USD,
  3. rav101
    I could get on board with that. Seems like a reasonable price for a nice bit of customisation.
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  4. audio123
  5. Ahmad313
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  6. audio123
    Thank you. I appreciate it. :beyersmile:
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  7. TimeSnow
    Nice review!

    Any comments on the Falcon C vs the A5?
  8. audio123
    Hope this helps!

    The sub-bass reproduction on the A5 has more authority and confidence. It is able to deliver extra punch to the overall presentation. A5 has more body in the midrange with forward upper mids. The Falcon-C has better transparency. The definition is around the same. In terms of treble, A5 is brighter but Falcon-C is able to portray it with additional smoothness. Lastly, both have similar width magnitude and Falcon-C has more depth.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2018
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  9. TimeSnow
  10. audio123
    No problem. If you need another comparison, feel free to let me know. :dt880smile:
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  11. Ahmad313
    Nice comparison , how you compare the instruments separation and layering on both specially with some fast tracks ,
  12. rav101
    Any comment on the different tips you have used? Included tips, Comply, Sure, Spinfit and / or anything other?
  13. audio123
    for that case, i feel a5 is slightly better.
    I use a variety of tips but testing is done with stock tips.
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  14. rav101
    Thanks for the response. I will try the stock tips when my A5 comes and then look into what options we have should I need better isolation / fit.

    I'm going to end up using these through my phone (OnePlus 5) and Macbook Pro via Meridian Explorer 2. Looking at getting a specific DAP and from what I can see, the Fiio X7 Mark ii with the 3A amp module with balanced output might be a good option. Anyone know how that DAP works with these iems?
  15. Mdclol
    Cheers, mate. Your comparison to the iBasso IT03 is of particular interest to me. I'm a huge fan of strong, deep bass that doesn't compromise too much on the rest of the spectrum.

    The IT03 also looks much better than the borderline-pink honda-winged A5. I also dont care much for the filters because I am quite content with black-black on the LZ-A4. However, the A4's ergonomics are too lackluster when compared to Westone/Earsonics type IEMs.

    Does the IT03 have good mids or is it worth the extra $20 for the A5's mids?

    My BGVP DM5 has super strong bass but the mids are too recessed for acoustic/vocal music. Perfect for bassy EDM though.. (Such as Troyboi)
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