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  1. RedJohn456
    I use the A5 straight out of my phone and macbook and they sound great. They need a bit of power to get the volume going but most phones have enough juice. The stock tips are essentially clones of the sony tips, and I am not a fan of how the A5 sounds when using those, however, YMMV. Do try a variety of tip shapes and sizes, and you will know its the rip tip when you can hear the bass clearly but also cleanly. The A5 sound loses quite a bit of its body if you don't get a good seal.

    I didn't have to do much tip rolling - its plug and play for me and I am loving. It also sounds monstrous through my X7 + AM3 and AM5 modules. However, most of the time the A5 is playing out of my Note 4 because YOLO.
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  2. audio123
    The IT03 excels in its sub-bass reproduction and it brings out more impact. For the midrange, I feel A5 has the extra body which makes it sounds more full than the IT03. It depends on your individual preference. Cheers! :dt880smile:
  3. Mdclol
    Your quick response is appreciated. I'll purchase the IT03s while waiting for the A5s to appear on amazon prime and will return the (IMO) lesser of both.

    For anyone on the fence, please dont let me dissuade you from LZ. The sound signature was spot-on. I just love the fit of other IEMs that are cradled perfectly in our concha. It's not that the A4s weren't comfortable. It's that they took longer to get the direct, drop-in-perfect fitment of my Westone/Earsonics/BGVP DM5.
  4. audio123
    No problem. Glad to be of help!
  5. rav101

    Thanks buddy,

    That's really reassuring to read. I was worried that to get the best out of these iem's I might need specialist audio sources but glad they perform well out of standard equipment.

    Now I just need to try and be patient. I ordered from Penon Audio with express delivery to the UK on the 17th so hoping it doesn't take too much longer. Maybe 3 - 5 more days.
  6. RedJohn456
    Honestly I didn't get my first DAP until I was well into this hobby. At this point its just as important to have good quality music files and good app/software (neutron) etc. Not saying that DAPs don't matter but honestly reading some of the stuff here on this site will have you believing that your iems will sound like ****e if you don't get a good dap. The beauty of LZ iems is that they tend to grow along with your collection - that is to say that they scale with sources. Hope that helps!
  7. Bubblejuice
    I'm still mostly looking forward to reading comparisons between the A5 and the FLC8s (given the recent price drop, and the FLC8n that will be announced next week).
  8. RedJohn456
    I love how the A5 bass tickles my eardrums. I love how full sounding the A5 is, that midrange is to die for.

    I am looking forward reading comparisons between the two as well. I have always been interested in the FLC8S. Funny thing is that FLC, through LMUE, offers a CIEM version of the FLC8S. I would LOVE to get a CIEM version of the LZ A5. I would be happy to select one filter as the base sound and stick with it, but being able to change the filters on a CIEM would be pretty sweet!
  9. Bubblejuice
    Would custom silicone eartips not work?
  10. Watermelon Boi
    Just wondering, does anyone know why LZ decided to put the Honda logo on the A5s?

    Love the ergonomic shape, though the Chinese red color with that logo kinda disappoints me..:thinking:
  11. crabdog
    Seems like a lot of people don't like it. Personally, it doesn't bother me in the least. Put them in your ears and BOOM! Who cares about some red wings! If it really upsets you, you could always go at it with a permanent marker or a fine paintbrush.
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  12. DBaldock9
    Interesting result, when searching for LZ A5 in Earphone & Headphone on AliExpress -

    There are five results for the actual earphones (and 24 different MMCX cables shown).

    Of the five earphones:
    2 are listed as LZ A5
    2 are listed as the "banned name" A5
    1 is listed as Colarad LZ A5
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  13. originalsnuffy
    At least for me, comfort is equally important to sound. For example, I, like many others, had fit issues with the IT03.

    So the idea that this may be comfortable is quite appealing. Like some others have noted, I want to see what else FLC comes up with in the next few months before pulling a trigger. But since I like the LZ sound signature, as I like the FLC sound signature, I am pretty darn interested.
  14. Lidson Mendes Br
    If you buy on Aliexpress, I recommend buying at the Penon or DD-Audio Store stores.
  15. tienbasse
    Do yourself a big favor and use Penonaudio, at least you'll get decent aftersale service, should you ever need it...
    It sure helped when I was having a ton rose of trouble with Rose Tech IEMs.
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