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LZ-A4 Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. audio123
    well that because some of the reviewers say lz a4 is TOTL which I really doubt as if flc8s and it03 is not even totl but close to totl only, i doubt lz a4 can match totl iems which was the impression by the reviewers that it is totl.
    Am not a troll but i am being given expectations that Lz a4 is totl so expect it to compete with kumitate trio, tralucent 1p2, unique melody macbeth, campfire dorado of which all i believe u have not heard them before.
  2. w3nj13
    Anybody owned a pair of lz-a4 in Singapore? Would appreciate if we could meet and sample gears :)
  3. alvinlim2010

    Hi FUYU, how would you elaborate on 'vibrant and potent sound'? Does it roughly equate to a more fun, warm-sounding signature? With punchy bass?
    I am ok with bass, but not too much on the sub-bass area, with quick bass - does A4 deliver on that?
  4. alvinlim2010

    Hey, I am based in SG, and I am looking to get a A4 as well. I do not have many high-end gears per se, but if you would like to exchange tips and feedback, more than welcome!
  5. notamethlab

    Just like how you doubted that the Ocharaku Co-Donguri was good? Which btw you now own every color according to your profile lol

    Didn't you get a warning or something for doing this?
    VinegarBoy and Lurk650 like this.
  6. audio123
    i already have the co donguri way before the dude.
    the co donguri was good but not 500-600$ iem which the dude claimed. Got all the colours as the looks are good but definitely not 500-600$ sound. The maker of co donguri is my friend and I appreciate his creations. Cheers.
  7. w3nj13
    There is one person on hardwarezone who bought it. Shall wait for his reply or when he does hopefully.
  8. Lurk650

    You are right I haven't heard them and you haven't heard the A4. I'm not talking about them or comparing to them bc I haven't heard them, you haven't heard the A4 but are still doubting it's ability.
    VinegarBoy likes this.
  9. alvinlim2010

    It is waiting in my aliexpress inbox, just so tempted to press the order button!
  10. audio123
    thats because bad experience of the LZ A2S mate which reviewers say it is good but quite a number of buyers are underwhelmed by it. Once bitten, twice shy. I dont wish to keep debating with you over the same topic but i am being given expectation that lz a4 is totl so comparing with totl iems is a must before buying or i will be just wasting money.
  11. w3nj13

    Why aliexpress? There are still mass drop (184usd shipped), taobao (265 sgd unshipped), Penon audio (195 usd shipped express), and aliexpress (195usd shipped).
  12. RedJohn456
    Rick I do believe we hashed this out, debating the meaning of TOTL is meaning less. I have owned several flagship/TOTL iems and in comparison to them (for example XBA Z5 and EX1000) I greatly prefer the LZ A4. I greatly prefer A4 to the sound of the IE800 and SE846 which I have auditioned many many many times.
    Listing the most expensive iems you can think of and repeating your posts ad naseum really is not helping your case mate. I know you don't mean to do it intentionally but 9 times out of 10 your posts come off as quite abrasive and rude and frankly you always disrupt many threads with this same tactic. I really thought you knew better mate. 
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  13. RedJohn456
    Aliexpress sellers give head-fiers discounts in some cases so one can bargain with them via messaging, whoever the seller happens to be. 
  14. alvinlim2010

    Well I guess it is a case of familiarity...don't have experience with mass drop and taobao. I believe Penon has a store on aliexpress too?
  15. Ahmad313
    wow another 100% rated review for A4,  excellent and detailed ,  nice work mate :ok_hand:
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