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LZ-A4 Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. peter123
    This is thread is ment to be a discussion and impression thread for the upcoming LZ-A4 hybrid IEM.

    Pictures of my pair of LZ-A4 prototype (thank you @RedJohn456





    I will add more information to the first post when it's available.
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  2. peter123
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  3. Lohb
    a worthy successor to A3, with more practical shape and color design. I had fun with the tour set.
  4. kiler
    Whats the sound like? 
  5. kimD
    Oops disappointed man, why they removed detachable cable connected
  6. ezekiel77
  7. MuZo2
    So they have tuning at back like hippo VB?
    At front seems like kz ed9?
  8. FUYU
    Should we just make the data and impressions from the tour-page public?


  9. kimD

    Honestly how many BAs & DD for A4?
  10. FUYU

    Because the cable is fantastic. The shape is not really suitable for connectors, anymore.
  11. FUYU

    2BA + 1DD. The Balanced Armatures are custom-made though.
  12. kimD

    I thought they going improved that shells like TFZ Series 1 for more suitable and comfort fits, anyway it is the real image, I would acceptable for thier design like SW3.

    That meant A4 is improved an over A3 mids and treble IMO
  13. FUYU

    Hmm, well the A4 sounds quite a bit different from the A3/A2S:

    - Treble is much less subdued
    - With some filter combinations, the can sound V-Shaped (Blue/Gold; Blue/Red)
    - Mids are slightly recessed compared to the A3.
    - Bass impact is much bigger on the A4
    - Seperation and "Blackness" is quite a bit improved
    - Soundstage is not that big though, actually feels a bit lacking, especially in depth

    The A4 is definitely a bit of a department from the ultra-smooth, downsloping signatures from previous iterations.
    Also, after the Easy Earphones disaster, I'm not going to buy the DQSM or similar anytime soon. (Maybe the VT Audio 3+1, but that I will do that on Taobao, a CIEM for sub 250$!)
    But after hearing some complains about sibilance, I can assure you that the A4 never, ever, sounded fatiguing or sibilant.
  14. kimD

    Quite interesting :)
    Just wait it release and get one for fun :)
  15. peter123

    Seriously, you haven't even heard the DQSM right?

    I believe the biggest disaster seem to be the another IEM....

    If you're in this thread to come with those kind of comments I will not hesitate one second to use the report button.

    This thread is for sharing impressions of the A4!
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