LZ-A4 Impressions and Discussion Thread

  1. Ahmad313
    Maybe you get a WOW from A5,
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  2. Ahmad313
    Actually there is nothing to dislike just my expectations was a unique/different design , my hopes was the A5 must looks like a Small Dipper ,
  3. Sebilion
    I'll wait until they release the lz a5, I love how they look. I wish they get them on Amazon uk because I have 30 days to try each pair of earphones and return them if I don't want them. What do they mean though only 4 filters... In any way, who is buying the lz a5 straight away after they release?
  4. kaiteck
    I'll see how many ppl wowed at a5
    And if it keep the filter design.

    I'm all in.
  5. Ahmad313
    Maybe this will be my iem for 2018,
  6. SomeGuyDude
    On my old Note 8 I had to do a LOT of screwing around just to make it an acceptable level.
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  7. SomeGuyDude
    The ram issue isn't that bad. My v30 runs fine.

    And I am dangerously close to getting this damn thing.
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  8. TimeSnow
    So, just to be thorough and to make sure I wasn't going mental, I went back and put Spiral dots and the Red back filter on my A4s and TRIED to last an entire bus ride home... I lasted maybe 20 minutes before I couldn't handle it.

    I'll reiterate that I'm happy we've all found an IEM that makes us happy AND it's amazing how chameleon-like the A4 is, but man... I just don't get some people's preferences. Acknowledging that those people don't get mine.

    Most importantly though, if you don't like the A4, try tip rolling as well as filter swapping. You can make it sound almost completely different. And that's a good thing!
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  9. Nezzad1
    Lz A5 will have 4 filters - that reduce-increase mid range and treble. No bass filters will be available. LZ said bass should suffice even for a bass head.

    I honestly can't wait for them to come out. I'm hoping for a red back bass quantity with black back impact, along with extension of a black front filter with increased clarity and cohesion... Ah one can dream. Hopefully the dream becomes reality pretty soon.
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  10. Share2Care
    I am delighted for you comrade but also am struggling with the days to go until my LZ-A4's turn up lol! :)

    Please keep us posted as to how your LZ-A4's bed in and as you start to find your way I would and am sure others will thoroughly enjoy your developments!

    You Sir have still made me so jealous as I have another 9 days to go before my LZ-A4's turn up and hopefully begin to sing a few filthy bass orientated tunes before something a little more relaxing with The Cinematic Orchestra I have made ready in anticipation! Setting up several playlists in the buildup....

    Seriously though, am well excited for you mate and keep your impressions up.

    Cheers! :)
  11. harry501501
    I'm going to be selling my LZ A4 with brand new tin of filters (i lost a black one and cheaper to just buy a new tin with all of them) and brand new original LZ cable still wrapped up (cos i tugged the other one while in work). Only selling thru UK and only within UK so maybe someone will get a wee Xmas bargain.

    You'll also get the original tin of filters minus the black one i lost, so spares.

    all tips provided as per original original packaging.

    I've no idea the rules on sending links to personal sale items tho so have asked the moderators to tell me.
  12. Sebilion
    I heard very controversial comments about burning the lz a4 and, even though I don't have them near enough for the 100 recommended burning period, I have to say that I can already hear deeper bass and more instruments... When I got them out of the box they didn't sound much better than my kz zs6. Today I compared them again and the lz a4 sound even better compared to the kz than they did in day 1. I know some will disagree, but I think that burning makes huge difference.
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  13. kaiteck
    Imo, depends on situation, Burning makes a difference.

    LZ manual did say need 100-200hrs of burn in but I pretty much needed only 3hrs. Out of the box, I already started enjoying but oh well it might already be partially burnt in before I open it.
  14. Brooko Contributor
    Its an itty bitty dynamic driver and a Knowles dual BA. I measured them when I got them and again 50 or so hours later. There is no measurable change which would be audible.

    If you use different tips - there will be audible change
    If you use different filters - there will be audible change
    If you use different insertion depth or angle - there will be audible change
    If you use different volume - there will be audible and perceptual change
    If you use different music and are listening for different things - there will be perceived audible change

    But burn in? C'mon - its just your brain (that wonderful filter we all have) getting used to them.

    Want to see how much of a filter our brain puts on everything - try the first 15 minutes or so of this :wink:


  15. Nezzad1
    I have my year and a half old IE 80s from senheisser, while friend just got his few days ago. Mine sound at least 2 levels better with deeper bass, better separation and higher clarity. It's not even comparable. We both tested both of them with double flange included tips. Difference is instantly noticable.

    As for A4's, I feel like they needed around 50 hours to get the most out of their bass and overall clarity. So keep going until you reach that level.
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