LZ-A4 Impressions and Discussion Thread

  1. Ahmad313
    glad to see A4 start showing his magic to you ,
  2. AudioObsession
    Sadly I feel that I had to edit this post because my use of numbers apparently cause all hell to break loose on this thread....
    Anyway no one wants that to happen again, so it's been edited.

    Basically, I just replaced my numbers with the word "steps" (I'm not really sure what "steps" even means, but at least it hopefully wont piss people off like my original post did)

    Note: All edits are in underlined italics.
    However, some phrases were deleted in an attempt to not offend the overly sensitive...

    Sadly, I must agree with you somewhat... :triportsad:
    After trying all filter combinations (Red back/Black front, being my favorite) and spending at least 2 weeks on A4, I do believe they are clearer and more detailed with slightly better soundstage then all of my high end KZ's, but for what the A4 cost me, it should have been at the very least quite a few steps better sounding then any KZ out there...

    Yet it's just a few steps (what ever steps means...) better sounding then my moded KZ6 (with 1 muted BA per earphone).

    My auditory brain keeps trying to convince me that the A4 is indeed WAY better then all my KZs, but when ever I critically A/B them with my KZ ZST, ES3, ZS5v2 (moded) or ZS6 (moded), the A4 is in no way many levels better.

    I still like my A4s a LOT though, but for the price I paid; I am quite disappointed (even though I got a REALLY good 11.11 deal on them)..

    And YES I have tried every single tip configuration known to man...I have NO issues with fit and/or seal with my A4s.
    I prefer large Comply Isolation T400 in the left ear and a medium in the right ear.

    For me; the A4 is just not as amazing as all the hype in this thread has made them out to be..

    BTW: I have very well trained ears.. I've spent 35+ years in the music industry (studio owner/production, award winning musician, instrument builder etc etc).. I always took really good care of my ears.. At almost 51 I can still hear 18k.

    The A4 reminds me of most higher end audio/music equipment in that the higher the price you pay, the lower the percentage of returns you get.
    Although for the price of the A4 it does out do many IEMs costing 2x the price.

    I am in the business of high end musical equipment: I build expensive TOTL stringed instruments for a living, and although they are much nicer then instruments 1/2 the price, the differences do become more and more subtle as you go up in price.
    That, and there's the "Hand-made/Custom" factor that raises the price 3x to 4x what many consumer grade factory instruments cost..

    However, the LZA4 is not a custom made IEM..
    LZ is however a "boutique" type company with only a few employees, and although I find that to be really cool, I'm just not sure it justifies them costing 4X the FULL retail price of a KZ ZS6 or 10x the price of a KZ ZST.

    Yes, KZs are flawed (sometimes severely flawed), and most of them need mods of some sort, but the price to return ratio of upper end KZ is still a few steps better then the LZA4.

    For that matter; my LZ Z03A cost me $12 on GearBest and it is in NO WAY many steps worse the my LZ A4.

    I'm NOT bashing the A4 though! :smile_phones:
    I still LOVE my A4, but I am just a bit disappointed by it's sound compared only to what I paid.

    That said, I would imagine most (if not all) $100 to $200 IEMs are not many steps better sounding then the best $20 to $50 IEMs though.
    Believing that they are, is probably due to "brain-burn-in" combined with the belief that because you paid 4X more then a $25 earphone that you somehow got a much much better earphone.
    Oh how I wish that were true!
    But sadly it's not. :disappointed:

    Again, I love my A4..
    I'm just not nearly as blown away as this thread made me hope I would have been.

    **Edit**: [Sorry my (original and unedited) opinion offended so many in this thread], as always YMMV etc etc.
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  3. Tim Le
    I don't want to derail this thread too much by talking about the KZ, but I think nobody will argue that KZ is the best "bang for your buck" IEM today. It's crazy to think that you can get a 2dd+2ba drivers for around $30. It's a testament to how far chi-fi has come in the last couple of years.

    With that being said, if you're getting a "1-1/2" times increase in performance, I'd say that it is a huge win :wink: I don't like to throw numbers around, but if you visit the TOTL threads, a lot of people are buying cables for over $300 (twice the price of the LZ-A4) for much slimmer increases in performance.

    I use a pair of PreSonus Eris E8 speakers at my computer ($350), and the LZ-A4 (red/black) sounds almost identical to them, minus the sound stage. The fact that I got them for $150 and can take them wherever I want makes them the best audio purchase I've made this year :)

    At the end of the day though, it's your listening preferences, your priorities, and your wallet. I do agree that this thread has hyped up the LZ-A4 a lot. For those of us who have been in this hobby for a while, $150 for a "1-1/2" times increase in performance is well worth it!
  4. stryed
    I'm glad I was able to be patient and mostly UNDECISIVE between all the high rated 100usd IEMs around. There are loads of them that compete with the upper 200usd, but many reviewers don't compare them directly to the sub 30usd, where improvements have been drastic.
    I still wouldn't mind a 100usd that is at least 1.5x better than my KZ ZS5 and will hold up on the long run, as I'm afraid of the build quality of these...So much so I have another in a drawer :)
    I would take cherrish a 100usd piece, and would be devastated if it broke down like a cheap IEM...
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  5. harry501501
    Who said the "KZ is best bang for buck"? Just cos it throws multiple drivers in to the equation means nothing when sound is considered. More doesn't mean better. The KZ ZS5 is a mess, my ears are still hurt thinking about them piercing my skull with crazy treble. I'm glad a friend gave me a shot as I'd have been raging buying them. The KZ ZS5 IS pure hype. LZ A4 is technically better in so many ways.
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  6. Tim Le
    I apologize, I shouldn't throw out universal statements that are subjective in nature.

    There are 3 million page views on the KZ thread, so there are definitely people who are not as sensitive to the treble spike of the ZS5 that are enjoying them tremendously. Nobody is going to argue with you that the ZS5 is technically superior to the LZ A4. It isn't close; it shouldn't be for the price difference.
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  7. matique
    Are there any comparisons of the a4 with the noble X?
  8. AudioObsession
    Maybe so..maybe so... :)
  9. 1TrickPony
    Dunno about this whole talk about sub 100$ iems. I've yet to hear one that'd offer me the stuff I'd enjoy as an audiophile/enthusiast.

    3d layering, texture, control, timbre...

    When you start looking into TOTL stuff that's where the real talk begins, it simply becomes technical at that point. same with jargon/ comparisons.

    not sure about hyping the lz-a4, but it's a brilliant iem because it brings you back to the basics, which means being able to enjoy the music without thinking too much about technicalities.
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  10. Sebilion
    Oh dear! What kind of hell have I unleashed? I am horrible when it comes to maths or sciences or anything like that, all I tried to say was that the lz a4 should sound better in comparison to the kz zs6 because they cost much more... :deadhorse:
    In any ways, who is super exited for the lz a5? I can't wait for them to be released so someone can get their hands on them and give us any thoughts, theoretically if a 3 driver lz sounds better than a 4 driver kz I really want to know what a 5 driver lz will sound, I am super hyped! The end of the month is sooo far away... I think I will need valerianes now :o2smile::dt880smile:
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  11. AudioObsession
    And all I was trying to do was agree with you.
    (In a beating a dead horse sort of way of course, but still... :deadhorse: )
    Just look at what we did.. Shame on us! :wink:

    And yes, I too cant wait to hear about the A5! :grinning:

    Anyway..... Sorry I guess?? :flushed:
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  12. crabdog
    I sense a mod hammer hanging over this thread right now and I'm sure nobody here wants to see it drop. So can we get back on topic?

    It's hard to believe it's been almost 1 year since I posted this:

  13. tarhana
    lz a4 is pretty nice for it's price. only setback is really distant mids. other than that really nice iem. smooth treble, world class midbass.
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  14. 1TrickPony
    Lz-A4. A great one for all ages.

    Curious. How's your configuration like?
    If you were to try green or grey front filters, you should have more than enough mids for the job.
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  15. tarhana
    actually i sold my a4 two months ago. it's isolation wasn't enough for istanbul traffic. now rocking a it03.

    i used them with batman combo (black back-gray front) while it was better, it wasn't enough. i wasn't aware it while using a4 but when i switched to it03 it was obvious.

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