LZ-A4 Impressions and Discussion Thread

  1. TimeSnow
    It's all perspective. I thought the ATEs were unlistenable.

    I liked the ZSTs and ZST colorful, and had the ZS5s for months before I got then A4s.

    None of them are even close to being as good as the A4s. IMO.
  2. thejoker13
    AWESOME, you've heard the A5! Can you please give some descriptions to their sound?
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  3. Ahmad313
    Thank you very much , it is a very detailed/complete comparison ,
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  4. Ahmad313
    A5 is a 4BA+1DD iem(upgrade to A4) but yet not released maybe end of this month or so LZ will launch these, ,
  5. Nezzad1
    Wow I didn't know there were rumors about A5! I wanna know what they sound like! Hope they will be modular like A4's. Didn't feel the need to even look at other earphones after A4 but now I wanna buy the A5's before they are even released. Haha.
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  6. Nezzad1
    Ok so I just did my research. Lz A5s are coming this month! They will be an improvement over A4s( of course) and will cost around 260 dollars. HYPE!
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  7. peter123
    Everything is relative I'd guess. Personally I really dislike the ATE so naturally there's quite a few IEM's that better it by a very large margin for my preferences.
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  8. kaiteck
    Does this mean I had received a golden KZ ATE-S?

    I mean... I prefer it over dunu titan 5, piston 3, 4 and any other kz IEMs I've owned like ed9 ed10 zs1 zs2 zs3.

    Still prefer lz a4 however.
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  9. c4rb0n
    How does the Meeaudio P1 compare to the A4 brothers? im curious about these two, because both have high praises here on Head-fi, thanks in advance brothers :ksc75smile:
  10. Sebilion
    Omg! If they come before the end of January and I can still return the lz a4s maybe I'll exchange them. Where do you find information about them?
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  11. Sebilion
    That's what they said last month as well, I waited until the end of November but nothing... So that's why I bought the lz a4 instead
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  12. kaiteck
    Lao zhong facebook
  13. TimeSnow

  14. Ahmad313
    I am bit disappointed about the design , it's look like MaGaosi K3 , i mean not a unique design like A4,
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  15. Brooko Contributor
    More ergonomic though - whats not to like?
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