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Loxjie P20 Discussion- Starved for information on this thing!

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  1. ephrank
    Been running my P20 with stock tubes for several months. I've got a 12V linear PSU and some 6N3P-E tubes coming.

    Will the upgrades make HE4XX (balanced) sound fuller?
  2. magicscreen
    I have only an HD6XX and using a SMPS filter unit which give a linear PSU quality. That is huge sound quality difference in a better way. Bigger soundstage, better bass and timbre.
    Using the 6N3P-EV tubes, I think they are better than the chinese stock tubes.
  3. ephrank
    Today I listend to my GR07 Classic's on the P20, via Massdrop 2.5mm to XLR adapter. Woah, the synergy was very, very good!

    GR07 benefit from that little bit of warmth, the combo is musical, female vocals sounded very nice.

    Can't wait for my PSU to arrive :beerchug:
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