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Love the HF3 by Etymotic, but what about the same sound with a bit more bass? Suggestions?

  1. Merck
    I am not a basshead by any means as I realized upon listening to the Hippo VB.  I currently use a Klipsch Image S4 with my iPhone 4 and its enjoyable and I like the function of the 3 button strip on it.  Well I borrowed an Etymotic HF3 and fell in love with the clarity that it produced as well as the fact that it had the 3 button controls.  The only fault was that the lower frequencies just were lacking in amplitude.  I don't need bass that interferes with the other frequencies but a bit more amplitude would be nice.  I was wondering what are your suggestions for a solution to this problem that is in the $200 or so range.
  2. rangerid
    stick some shure olives on the hf3's, problem solved. I had the same problem as you earlier. You can also look at dba02, which has more body to the bass or the new fotm gr07. 
  3. Merck


    Thanks for the advice.  I will give that a try.  Do the Shure Olives insert far into the ear canal.  I find that I prefer that.
  4. rangerid
    it's about the same as with the ety foams but they isolate even better if you can believe it (the olives are denser). Another option i just remembered is that the etys respond very well and cleanly to a gentle eq. on my roxbox fuze, i turned up the bass by +5db ish and it was perfect. That was with the ety foams. with the olives i didnt even need to eq. 

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