Lotoo's new product: Lotoo Paw Pico, a 27g ultra-portable music player, DSD compatible, Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by holypal, Oct 24, 2016.
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  1. twister6 Contributor
    In the house, on a burn in now :wink:
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  2. parabellum777
    2017-06-22: release the official version

    new version update:
    1, to solve the Pico disk through the XP system after the installation of abnormal problems.
    2, repair some PC copy file when there is 0 byte problem.
    3, correct some of the state of the battery power broadcast abnormal problems.
    4, modify some of the songs play abnormal problems.

  3. twister6 Contributor
    Still waiting for a real fw update, these are all insignificant :frowning2:
  4. parabellum777
    Yeah, I agree, and specially the update which allows english language in both the mobile app and the player.
  5. nofarewell
    I am deciding between a Sony A series (17 maybe) and the Pico. I guess the Pico sounds much better. Though I'd need that implemented English language too...
  6. lostman
    I recall some rumors that one would be able to control the player from mobile app. It seems that it is not the case? That would be a good use of that bluetooth capability...
  7. parabellum777
    2017-08-07: Release the official version
    The same time as
    new version update:
    1, optimize the file, folder sorting.
    2, optimize the M4A-AAC file format support.
    3, optimize the number of individual directory files too much, app-side display file name abnormal problems.
    4, the new firmware upgrade:
    A) Copy the "pawpico.coe" upgrade file directly to the root directory.
    B) After the line is pulled, a "detection upgrade" will be performed.
    C) After the success of the green light will be bright, you need to "reboot" to normal use.
    I. Requires and above firmware to have this function,
    Ii. Can only be upgraded to a later version
    Iii. The original key combination upgrade mode is still available.

  8. parabellum777
  9. musicday
    Is a shame this player never took flight nor they released a model with at least 64 GB or micro sd slot.
  10. parabellum777
    Maybe. But I´m quite happy with it. I use it 3 or 4 days a week during my 1 hour running sessions and I don´t miss the previous Ipod nano 7th gen at all, which has 16 GB.

    I only use it for sports, so I have in the memory the songs I like most.

    What I currently miss is the English voice, since I don´t understand anything that it announces.
  11. lostman
  12. parabellum777
    Yes, it is possible to control the Pico with the app:


    The only thing I couldn´t do is to see the tracking route of the running session.
  13. parabellum777
    Anybody knows why it is not available anymore the firmware versions and The last one availble now is the


    It is strange because the links I provided for both firmwares still work.
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  14. musicday
    Is the battery life longer then 10 hours with Flac?
  15. lostman
    parabellum777: that is really cool. thanks! where did you buy yours? I'm afraid that the Japanese version will only support Japanese (I live in Japan but don't speak Japanese much, haha)
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