Lotoo's new product: Lotoo Paw Pico, a 27g ultra-portable music player, DSD compatible, Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by holypal, Oct 24, 2016.
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  1. Holypal
    Lotoo introduced a new product at the Tokyo Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival: Lotoo Paw Pico.  Lotoo has two famous portable music players, Paw Gold and Paw 5000. This one is ultra portable, a good news for iPod shuffle and Sansa Clip fans. It has no screen, but very light weight.
    Weight: 26g
    Size: 40.8mm*43mm
    DAC chip from TI
    Support most lossless formats, and DSD64, DSD128.
    Playing time: >10 hours (maybe more)
    32GB internal memory
    No SD card slot
    GPS, Movement sensors.
    Accessories include Sports clip and straps.
  2. musicday
    Fantastic, after all it has a micro SD slot.
    Any internal memory,what music formats can play?Power output? Sansa Clip+ is 22 gr this only 27 gr, still very light.Interested:wink::thumbsup:
  3. cyph3r
    looks interesting. Does it decode DSD only or also other (lossless / lossy) formats?
    Price, battery life (with IEMs) and sound parameters such as distortion and noise would be great to know. 
  4. Blommen
    Interesting, might be good for mah workout :)
  5. karloil
    i'm keen with the product - but quite puzzled how a dap without a screen survive at this day and age. Would have to audition first and maybe compare this against the AP60 and M1 too
  6. musicday
    Been told that Lotoo Paw Pico it comes in early 2017.Is DSD 64, 2.8 MHz compatible but over PCM, still amazing for such a small player.
    More information not available at the moment,maybe they adjusting the internals or firmware before official release.
  7. nmatheis Contributor
    This looks like an interesting little player. If they capture enough of LPG's sound quality and nail gapless, I'm definitely interested.
  8. musicday
    Completely agree with you especially as the price will be very low,around 200 USD i heard.
  9. twister6 Contributor
    Surprised there is no mentioning of USB DAC, though I hope Pico supports it.
    I also heard that during the show a prototype of Pico (it's not a finished product yet) was used to drive a certain full size pair of cans (70 ohm, 100dB sensitivity) and everyone was pleasantly surprised [​IMG]
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  10. mochill
    Very interested:heart_eyes:
  11. musicday
    I didn't hear about USD DAC support but having a micro sd is great.Lotoo has experience in this field and i hope that it comes with some internal memory like the Clip+ at least 32 GB.
    Unfortunately the full technical specifications haven't been released yet so we don't know how powerful it is.
    Price is quite good so if it sounds good and play for at least 13-15 hours Flac normal volume i will be happy with it.
  12. iJay
    Interested in PAW Pico vs Alien! Internal memory not important but file management and DAC via USB would be nice!
  13. Edric Li
    I am hyped, but I can't see why anyone would take this over the new Sony A35...
  14. mochill
    id take alien gold over sony anything :)
  15. musicday
    I am with you one that one, the Gold Alien sound is organic and very different from Sony.
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