Lotoo's new product: Lotoo Paw Pico, a 27g ultra-portable music player, DSD compatible, Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by holypal, Oct 24, 2016.
  1. parabellum777
    I bought mine from a forum user, but I don't think there are different versions depending of the region, it is a question of firmware implementation. The mobile app was initially launched in Chinese language only, but now it is possible to have it in English. I don't understand why Lotoo hasn't allowed English voices yet.
  2. lostman
    The one here says it is Japanese edition with Japanese voices. If I can change firmware that should do the trick. Or as long as the app is in English I'm ok with Japanese voiceover (more opportunities to learn, haha)
  3. parabellum777
  4. kk99
    Is there present mobile application with support for English language for Android ? Additionally if are english voice commands are available ? Is somebody know if this player have EQ configuration ?

    I have updated firmware to last version
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