Lotoo's new product: Lotoo Paw Pico, a 27g ultra-portable music player, DSD compatible, Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by holypal, Oct 24, 2016.
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  1. parabellum777
    I bought mine from a forum user, but I don't think there are different versions depending of the region, it is a question of firmware implementation. The mobile app was initially launched in Chinese language only, but now it is possible to have it in English. I don't understand why Lotoo hasn't allowed English voices yet.
  2. lostman
    The one here says it is Japanese edition with Japanese voices. If I can change firmware that should do the trick. Or as long as the app is in English I'm ok with Japanese voiceover (more opportunities to learn, haha)
  3. parabellum777
  4. kk99
    Is there present mobile application with support for English language for Android ? Additionally if are english voice commands are available ? Is somebody know if this player have EQ configuration ?

    I have updated firmware to last version
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  5. BruceBanner
    Bit late to the party with this one, if anyone can summarize what this fella can do that would be great. For me I am always on the look out for powerful but light DAPs for work (I do cleaning).

    Can this;

    1) drive IEMs sufficiently
    2) Shuffle All (and do it well and proper)
    3) EQ?
    4) Stream to BT IEMs?

    I gather it's an oddball, no english etc. And it 'speaks' to you? I take it pushing certain buttons or long pressing places it in different playmodes and it's telling you which one is which but no one can really know because no one knows Japanese? lol

    Hows the folder structure work? Is it microsd or inbuilt only?

    Can you connect to PC, dump folders with tracks inside and it plays them sequentially? Does Shuffle All get to other folders? Or is it dumping tracks in root only?


  6. shane55

    Good questions... also wondering if it plays 'gapless'.

  7. handwander
    Saw this in person today, I'm a bit confused as to what it offers over the Shanling M1. No screen, no SD card support, similar battery life, similar size, but more expensive?
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  8. noknok23
    According to reviews, sound quality is great. It may sounds more refined than M1. Did you tried it out?
  9. handwander
    Nope, didn't have a chance. I actually love the look of it aesthetically (much more so than the M1) and I could live without a screen, but when I saw that it was more expensive and the storage was more limited, I was kind of sad. I suppose it does have the GPS feature and more simple smartphone pairing over the M1, but not really interested in those.
  10. sodasoda
    So basically:
    Its competing against

    Shozy Alien Gold
    Cowon Plenue D

    Is it just grass?
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  11. BruceBanner
    I don't understand how it competes with the Cowon Plenue D? That player is larger, 4-5x the weight, has a screen, a huge array of DSPs...
    Shozy I get, screenless DAP, but really there are not many small 20g screenless DAPs offering high quality (or powerful) sound quality/output around (sadly). I still have my eye on this DAP, I just find it's price a huge turn off.
  12. sodasoda
    its dimensions are not just bigger, its better. If there is an ultra light weight player neccessity, maybe getting cheap squares is a better choice to solve ultra portability than cashing out, and pushing back on buying something else. maybe if the sq is going to be on par its something to pay 200 for, as with the question whether if its just grass.

    I would think this is more like a secondary, but a 200 dollar secondary? Depends if its just another DAP to draw attention
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  13. BruceBanner
    Must be a language barrier here, I'm lost at 'squares', 'grass' and which you're referring to as being actually 'better'.

    I have a few DAPs but have always been on the lookout for a light shuffle style player, for sports or active duties (gardening etc). Screenless doesn't phase me (I have a Alien Shozy), if I could get something that outputs the same as a Shozy at even 4hrs but half the weight, I'm in!
  14. sodasoda
    How would you say the sound is? . Devices are generally small enough already. I would not be compelled by size, if that was your point to make, so do not follow through with sporting. Its miniscule problem, the body can still run with wide iphones on shoulders without problems. In contrast to the offer of Cowon Plenue, what can I compare? The cowon has good battery and a highly regarded EQ filter.

    However if the SQ needs to be well before any consideration, sounds better than Cowon? I can use a small battery with it to make up for battery life, but nothing to compromise for SQ.

    Maybe there is a combination of an amp and paw, to kick the teeth off Cowon. Or not, I'll just research it.
  15. BruceBanner
    Tbh you buy this for it's 26g in weight (or whatever it is), if SQ is the purest pursuit look elsewhere as this will compromise somewhere along the line to making it that small.
    My issue is that most screenless small DAPs are just too low in power/volume, I'm hoping this one isn't.
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