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Lotoo PAW Gold Touch - Touchscreen, 4.4mm Bal, USB DAC, Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by EagleWings, Mar 28, 2018.
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  1. soundblast75
    Fat32, the Lexar formatted in the player last night ditching 470gb of music
  2. Giraku
    I just used my LPGT in a regular way. Then out of blue, all the missing files appeared. I don't know at one time or gradually filled. But at least that was what I experienced.
  3. soundblast75
    So browsing in Artist and pressing back takes you to sq1, but in Albums it remembers position and you have to scroll all the way to Y if you need to, no quick right side letter popping..
    How much did i spend again
    No MQA?
    No onscreen info other than Flac, you gotta swipe to see it..
    I moan a lot, but it feels more like L&P etc territory, unfinished software..
    Should be for this kinda cash..sound and build q tops, but i am frustrsted now
  4. soundblast75
    What card and capacity do you have in?
  5. Giraku
    I'm using PNY Elite Performance 512GB SDXC Class 10 UHS-I, U3 Up to 95MB/sec (P-SDX512U3H-GE).
  6. musicday
    Any other people using the Lexar 1 TB SDXC? I am thinking if it's worth getting it. Sadly there is no other brand making it at the moment so the price will come down quicker.
  7. soundblast75
    Wait to see if my tracks show up by tomorrow, then you'll know to wait a week for the 1Tb
  8. soundblast75
    I feel utterly ridiculous, it might sound good, but it's going back..
  9. musicday
    I am sorry to hear that gospodin.This will be my main player at home, and on the go, and especially in the garden in the sun :) the Tera-Player. No need to stare at anything, just enjoy the music.
  10. tekkster
    For me, playlist management is a big deal. Big enough to be a dealbreaker if there’s no workaround.

    I’m hoping I can create m3u files and have them import.

    For the LPGT owners, can you tell me if the list of playlists displays in alphabetical order? I name my playlists using prefix naming conventions, so if it doesn’t display the list of playlists in alphabetical order, it’s hard to find the playlist I want. With over 200 playlists painstakingly put together over the past decade, it’s become a bigger issue for me than might be considered rational, lol.
  11. soundblast75
    Problem is you can't coz it's not there
  12. soundblast75
    If theres about 10%of the card contents its not loaded, but the files hopefully show eventually,
    I wonder if there's some kind of internal clock that scans avery 24 hours or so, meanwhile it thinking it's all there..hmm
  13. musicday
    Very impressed with the LPGT so far, and the instrument separations is precise and accurate, bass is tight and powerfull. Every instrument is well placed. I am thinking that I can learn Spanish just listening to latino songs, that's how clear the vocals are. If the burn in really existent with this player and and the sound improves after 100-200 hours, then is definitely a keep. The background is very black , and the player it's neutral, nothing is coloured exactly as I like the sound signature.
    And this player really make my headphones......Koss Porta Pro modified sing, lol.
    Anyone can compare the Rai Penta with W80? Much appreciated. One of the two will be my next purchase.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
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  14. timeslip
    Unfortunately, they do not support M3U at all right now. The playlists are proprietary and can only be edited on the machine.
    tekkster likes this.
  15. musicday
    You have a whatsapp message :)
    Give the player a break.
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