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Looking for headphones to buy (under $200 Cad/150USD)

  1. Pouya
    Hello, this is actually my first post. Great website, have been using it to figure stuff about headphones and have read the forums but never posted or created an account until now.
    Anyhow, I am looking to buy headphones or earphones under $150 USD. I am not a studio person, but I like to listen to music, watch movies and would like a good quality headphone. I am hoping I can also gym in them? I do go for runs every night and that would be a good option to have. But the most important part is quality of sound and sound isolation (doesn't have to be cancelling, but isolate a bit of noise at least. Anything like shure SE215 sound isolation would be excellent), just enough to get me into my studying. I do not like bose QC as it is too silent and doesn't sound that great.

    Headphones that I have came across:
    The M40x and the M50x ( am debating whether the extra $50 is worth it)
    Sennheiser IE80 (not headphones but rather earphones, found a buddy selling them for $200 to me)
    Shure SRH440 and the SRH840

    I'd like to see which one sounds the best from all the three, and i know one of them is not even a headphone LOL. I'm also open to recommendations
    Music I listen mostly to: Hip/hop, House music, etc. Bass is important and would love it, and that has been pushing me towards the M50X, but not quite sure still since a bit more expensive. But are larger making them harder to use at the gym.
    For recommendations the headphones have to be detachable, I will break the wires within 2 months promised :)

    Thank you in advance
  2. Dulalala
    Don't get the SRH440/840 for gym. They will fall off if you lie down or run. They aren't particularly good for hip hop anyways. They don't go well with sweat either.
    I personally don't like the M50X, the bass on them sound bloated and bleeds into the mids. I haven't heard the M40X. So I can't comment on them.
    The IE80 are a good pick, I personally use them in the gym too but they will need a bit of a "mod". I did the tape mod and changed the tips to Comply sport as the old tips were sort of hard to deal with in the gym since they kept falling out.
  3. Pouya
    How about the Bluedio U UFO? have you tried those? Bluetooth so easier to gym in I guess.
  4. bigfatpaulie
    This is going to a few people bent out of shape but... Why not a wireless pair of Beats? Sounds like it will tick all the boxes.
  5. Pouya
    LOL, I'm not an expert, but my $40 earphones sound better than beats. The m50x, you could say, beats all the beats.
  6. serman005
    You should check out the RHA T10i. It's a bit over budget, but well worth it. Terrific sound. They are over-ear, which would make it easier going to the gym. Three-year warranty, too.
  7. Tim Le
    I saw a set of LZ-a4 IEMs in the for sale forum, seems like they'd be right up your alley.

    I've tried working out with full sized headphones. Let's just say my ears got very hot and I sweated like a pig, I wouldn't recommend it.
  8. bigfatpaulie
    Typically I would agree with you but my wife picked up a pair of wireless Beats a few months back and, as I much as I hate to admit it, they have come along way. It may be worth a second audition with an open mind.... Just saying is all :)
  9. 007shark76
    I picked up a set of the URBeats in-ears at the Verizon store to just use with my phone for making phone calls while outside and not having to worry about battery life of bluetooth headsets. I eventually listened to music on them as well and they sounded pretty neutral and not bad. Overpriced, but not bad. Now I use them with my Sony Walkman NW-A25. I also use a pair of JVC Flats with the Walkman and both work well for outside activities. I use the JVC Flats the most because if they get broken, I am only out about $15.
  10. PopZeus
  11. Tim Le
  12. Tim Le
    If you had to compare the new Beats sound signature to a popular headphone on head-fi, which would it be? I've heard they've made leaps and bounds, but I'm still hesitant.
  13. 007shark76
    Personally, I have only listened to the urBeats in-ears and they are they only in-ears that I own so I really could not compare to others.
  14. Dean Lim
    I recommend porta pro. It's very cheap. Best sounding headphone at the price.
  15. Pouya
    Thanks for all the replies, ended up getting the m40x, not too happy with the purchase. However fathers day is coming up, and I'm sure dad would appreciate it. I'd probably just end up not getting one or go for a noise-cancelling one at this point. I realized it's dumb to try to find good sound and gym lol. I bought bt jabra earphones for 11 bucks so that should be good enough :)
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