1. Mason.

    I'm looking for some new closed back headphones

    looking for some new headphones since mine broke (ws1100is) my budget is $400 (CAD). id be willing to try open backs, but i just prefer closed backs. only thing i will not get is on ear I listen to edm, mostly drum and bass and dubstep, i'm using mdr1a but im borrowing them from someone until i...
  2. N

    SOLD- Audio-Technica ATH-M50X - UK/EU

    Hi, Selling my sparingly used Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Studio Monitor Professional Headphones - Black. They are in mint condition and comes with all the original accessories. Price includes paypal fees but excludes shipping. Box contains: Carry bag 1.2m-3m coiled cable 3m straight cable 1.2m...
  3. A

    Is the Fiio BTA10 good?

    Is the sound quality of the bta10 any better than that of a normal phone/laptop? I don't really care that its bluetooth I just want a good amp/dac for under 50$. Also this is probably a noob question but can I use an equalizer while the headphones are connected to the bta10? Thanks in advance :) !
  4. G

    Audio technica M50x exchange suggestion

    Hello everyone, I would need help in choosing my first headphones over-ear. I recently bought the "audio technica m50x" following the wave of the excellent reviews on the internet. Unfortunately, however, I must admit that they did not hit my ears. a bit 'cold and artificial especially on the...
  5. demond

    FiiO BTA10, Bluetooth Adapter/Amp for Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Headphones.

    Model: BTA10 Special for Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Headphones. Launch time: expected at the end of December. 1. Support SBC\AAC\aptX\aptXLL, QCC3005 Bluetooth chip. Android 5.0 version. 2. Support Bluetooth phone call, built-in microphone, control call, hang up (support CVC noise reduction)...
  6. chupacabra314


  7. alwass89


    Hello, I have various headphones for sale. Most of these do not have the original box or packaging, you will just be getting the headphones. All headphones are in excellent condition and pictures can be provided upon request. I believe these are priced to sell, and sorry, no trades. Please add...
  8. Cloudtastrophe

    SOLD *LIKE NEW* Audio Technica M50x Dekoni Pads

    Zero Hours on these pads. I got them to put them on my M70x because i thought they would fit but they.. dont. Just trying to get my money back. I no longer have the box for for these, but i will place them into a different box for shipment. Perfect Condition! Protein Leather and Memory Foam...
  9. T

    Sony WH1000xm2 compared to M50x?

    Hope all of you have a wonderful day. Does Sony WH100xm2 sound better than M50x? Primary use are games and movies I loved using M50x then I started noticing M50x sounds rather muddy. I searched for closed can upgrade and got myself a pair of Shure 1540. Shure was better, but not in the way I...
  10. wolfexgod

    Need new headphone suggestions

    so right now I own the Sennheiser HD 599, I use to own ATH-M50x. I'm looking for some new headphones with more bass. my M50x are broken so I can't use them anymore and I'm looking for some suggestions on if I should rebuy the ATH-M50x or if I should buy some other ones. my budget is no more than...
  11. M

    New user, looking to upgrade my M50x for €300 (HD600 or HE400S or X2HR)

    Hey everyone, Mitchell here, thought I'd start out by introducing myself. I'm a 23 year old programmer from the Netherlands, also like playing guitar, gaming and spending large amounts of money on mechanical keyboards. Currently I am looking to upgrade my M50x headphones, they have served me...
  12. semicoln

    FS: Good condition Audio Technica ATH-M50x - SOLD

    Hello, I've got a pair of ATH-M50x headphones in decent shape with the original carry bag and all cables. They were used by my girl for a while and she's moved on to some in-ears. The pads have very little wear and the headband has a tiny nick in it, but they were treated well. I'd like to...
  13. timmmmehh

    ATH-M50x if I already have HD598?

    Hey there! So I have been looking into getting a new pair of headphones. I currently own the Sennheiser 598 SR. I love these headphones, but because they are open-backed, I only use them on my computer when I play my games. I have been wanting a headset that is closed and has a little bit more...
  14. J

    Help me choose the right headphones

    Hello everyone For some days, I've been thinking about buying headphones. I know that gaming headsets are just pure commercial and that normal high-end headphones are actually better in terms of audio quality. A mic is not needed, I already own one. My first choice is the dt 990 25 ohms...
  15. Ebunw0w

    Pads for M50x

    I have had my M50x for about a year now and I've liked them, except for one thing which is the pads. I have tried 4 different pads and haven't really liked any of them. I have tried: Stock pads, they are really uncomfortable. Brainwavz HM5, they are really comfortable but reduce the bass and...
  16. bloodhawk

    SOLD Audio Technica ATH M50X (LNIB)

    These ATH M50X were more an impulse purchase, but i never ended up using them much, maybe 4-5 hours i think. (and im exaggerating) These come with the Brainwaves Velour Pads installed, the stock pads are included as well and were never used. Comes with everything else that was in the box...
  17. Notanaudiophile85

    Upgraded to HD1 Yesterday

    I purchased a pair of M50x over a month ago. While I appreciated the quality of sound for the price I paid ($150), I wasn’t wowed by them. I’ve found it to be challenging to purchase an item so subjective without having the ability to try them out first. My choice of headphone depended heavily...
  18. Techie Pocket

    What are the best in-ear/over-ear headphones for video editing?

    Helolo everyone! I have the Monoprice 8323's right now. But I am a video editor and I would like to know if that is really the best option for me under $40? I bought them because of the good reviews but I did not consider if there were other options :/ Thanks for your replies!
  19. TheWhiteMan

    How to compare headphones?

    I really hope that this forum is good and I will not see something like "GO AND LISTEN TO THEM IRL" instead do me a favor and leave this thread. Only tech specifications and personal experience / opinion. I though that I found my dream web site - http://www.rtings.com/headphones. You can find...
  20. caly

    FS: Audio-Technica ATH-M50X w/ Brainwavz hybrid earpads + case

    Selling a pair of the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X in excellent "Like New" condition which I purchased from an online authorized dealer a couple of years ago. I've used them off and on, so they have a lot of hours on them, but they still look about as new as the day I got them. Comes with the box and...
  21. tgh5000

    [WTS] Audio-Technica M50x w/ Free Headband Cover

    Bought them new last March. In 'almost new' condition. See the pictures. I will get a pair of open headphones, and iems have got my portable need covered. So these m50xs need a new home. Will come in original box, including everything that you would get if you bought them new from Amazon...
  22. Airz

    Best in Class: Another Audio-Technica M50 Review

    There are a thousand and one reviews on this product, so if you want to read a normal step by step review, you don't have to look far. What I have to say in this review goes for both the old M50, which I own, and the newer M50x. What I want to do is help beginners and first time buyers on the...
  23. L

    Dell studio 1555 with ath m50x

    how good is the sound card on the 1555 would i need an upgrade also is there a affordable audio amp that works well with m50x it would be nice if it was portable too thanks
  24. Danielbea122

    I bought hd 598 and m50x....

    I bought hd 598 and then the m50x because i wanted more bass. Both are nice. My question is should i return both(while i still can) and buy one pair of headphones with the money that are better? If so what would you recommend for around $300. I will be using these for listening to music and...
  25. Odor trader

    ATH-M50XBL, HE400i, DT990 250ohm w/ Olympus Mic, Fiio E10, and Darkvoice 336SE For Sale

    I am new to this site, and I know I have no trader history on here, but I do on eBay, and transactions on reddit. Here is my eBay to show some transaction history: http://www.ebay.com/usr/pchi1397 Audio Technica M50xBL edition – Used under 20 hours, stored in carrying pouch after each use...