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Help me choose the right headphones

  1. JustAnAverageGamer
    Hello everyone

    For some days, I've been thinking about buying headphones. I know that gaming headsets are just pure commercial and that normal high-end headphones are actually better in terms of audio quality. A mic is not needed, I already own one.

    My first choice is the dt 990 25 ohms version. I really want to test open backed headphones [​IMG] . I can't pick the 250/600 ohm version because I don't own an amplifier. Would I notice a lot of difference if i use the 250 ohms vesion with an amplifier instead of the 25 ohms? If it the difference is really noticable, I'm willing to buy the bt 990 pro version with an amplifier.

    For my second choice I'm thinking about buying the audio-technica M50x. But i read that these headphones are not really good for gaming ( is this true?). So what closed back headphones do you guys recommend?

    This is what i want:
    - good for gaming and listening music
    - enough bass ( i want to have som fun in my sounds, like fun explosions but also hear footsteps)
    - hear enemies coming from different angles ( a surround feeling)
    - nice sound quality ( audiophile quality)
    - comfortable to wear

    price range: 0 - 200 euros

    Can you give some examples? They need to be available on Coolblue because I really trust that site.

    My plan is too buy the dt 990 ( or other better open backed headphones) and some closed back headphones. I will compare them and make my decision. I then send the ones I don't want back.

    Thanks in advance [​IMG]
  2. cossix
    M50x won't be good for gaming but most open backs will be great. A used Fidelio X2 seems to be exactly what you're describing and it doesn't need an amp! It's regarded as one of the best gaming headphones because of the soundstage, and it also has fun bass. I think it'd be perfect for you but you'd have to find a used one because they retail for about 300USD
  3. chimney189
  4. Dulalala
    You mean the 32 ohm version? I don't believe there is a 25 ohm version.

    Difference between the different ohm version is minimal. The higher impedance versions are designed to just play nicer with a high output impedance. Prevents electrical dampening reduction and all that good stuff. However, if your motherboard (which I'm assuming is what you plan to plug into) has a high impedance, you really don't want to pick the 32 ohm version as it'll mess with the lower frequencies.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  5. biggbenn74
    Audio-Technica AD700 / AD900. I know you mentioned you wanted bass impact, so this might not be the strongest for that category, but they are solid performers from every other aspect. I still use my AD700 for gaming and even modified them with a mic mod. There are threads here on head-fi dedicated to these cans, might want to check them out.
  6. Monsterzero
    +1 on the Fidelio X1/X2 option.
    Open backed,easy to drive,comfy for long gaming/listening sessions,+bass for immersion value.
  7. JustAnAverageGamer
    Thank you all for the quick responses! Why would you guys buy the fidelio X1/X2 instead of the dt 990? I may buy the fidelio X2 but I don't want to spend 100 dollars more if there are no noticable benefits over the dt 990.
    And yes i meant 32 ohms instead of 25 ohms, sorry :p.
  8. Monsterzero
    X1/X2 is not as bright as the DT990,has bigger bass,and wider sound stage,though DT990 is no slouch in the staging dept.
    At one time I had the X1,DT770 and DT990 in my house at the same time,doing a shoot out for my gaming rig.The X1s remain,the Beyers were sold off.

    EDIT: Are the X1/X2 worth 100.00 more...ehh,prolly not,but value is a subjective thing.If cash is tight then go with the 32ohm or 250ohm(depending upon source) DT990....its not horrible by any stretch of the imagination.I just like the X1 better for reasons i listed above.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  9. JustAnAverageGamer
    I want some punch in my music and gaming sessions so I'll go for the X2 then. Thanks for the quick response!
  10. JustAnAverageGamer
    Is it possible that the Fidelio X2 isn't on sale anymore? I can't find any online shop selling these headphones. Are the Fidelio L2 a good alternative?
  11. Monsterzero
    They came out with a new version(forgot the name)so perhaps they pulled the older models off the shelf.
    I havent heard the L2.Perhaps look into buying a used pair? Theres a pair of X1s right now in the FS/T section for 130.00 usd,dunno if seller will ship to EU tho.

  12. ahmadfaizadnan
    ad700 is pretty good for gaming

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