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Need new headphone suggestions

  1. wolfexgod
    so right now I own the Sennheiser HD 599, I use to own ATH-M50x. I'm looking for some new headphones with more bass. my M50x are broken so I can't use them anymore and I'm looking for some suggestions on if I should rebuy the ATH-M50x or if I should buy some other ones. my budget is no more than $200. I'm not sure what to buy and leaning towards to rebuying the m50 but just wondering if there are another headphone out there that are better than those in terms of clairty but also with bass. I listen to every genre except country, so thats why I bought the HD 599, but they are not really the best for bass heavy music like hiphop. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Mightygrey
    Meze 99 Neo are $200 exactly and sound like just your cup of tea.
  3. wolfexgod
    would you recommend them over the beyerdynamic DT990 Pro? Also I am looking for something for hiphop but don't want to suffer clairty in the mids or lows.
  4. AudioThief
    I'll give you my thoughts on this since one year ago I was in a very similar position.

    I wanted bass headphones more than anything - I listen to a lot of UK old school dubstep / bass music and other contemporary genres like EDM etc, and so I wanted something that would replicate a speaker system with a big subwoofer. Throughout my journey both experiencing many headphones myself, and doing some serious research on the internet, this is the list of headphones I would view as the top bass headphones that also have good overall fidelity:

    Fostex TH-x00
    Fostex TH 900 (highest potential if EQd)
    Denon AH-D5000/7000
    JVC HP DX1000

    There are other headphones like the taktion kannons and jvc sz2000, but I believe these headphones are more single handidly focused on bass above all. The headphones in my list also offers varying degrees of audiophile/high end sound going above most normal equipment in the entry level price range. Unfortunately, these headphones are also out of your budget. So then I think you should consider very carefully what matters most to you:

    - Big bass


    - Everything else

    You see, bass heavy headphones almost inevitebly fail pretty hard in other aspects of sound. The most glaring error is often that it muddies up the mids or that tracks get ruined because the bass just overwhelms the sonic landscape.

    What I learned, being someone who loves ALL music, is that the bass music, I play on my speakers with sub or in my car. When I sit down with headphones, it is to experience high fidelity. And bass headphones, while capable of doing this, are always going to come short in other areas.

    To "get to the point" so to speak, I advice you to think long and hard about how important a lot of bass is to you. Are you planning to sell the 599s? As I remember the m50s, they do have quite a lot of bass. If you get an amplifier, you could get even more I reckon. I generally wouldn't consider them audiophile grade headphones, indeed you can do much better in that regard. But if bass is a priority, they are a decent choice. But again, in my personal experience... Headphones are awesome for everything BUT bass. There are headphones there that do bass really really well... But they are expensive and still they have shortcomings.
  5. Mightygrey
    DT990's are open-back studio headphones so obviously won't isolate or work (well) in portable situations - depends on where/when you'll be using them.
  6. squee116
    DT770 Pro's on Massdrop right now. They got some solid bass performance without having trash mids and treble.

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