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Sony WH1000xm2 compared to M50x?

  1. timewellewasted
    Hope all of you have a wonderful day.

    Does Sony WH100xm2 sound better than M50x?
    Primary use are games and movies

    I loved using M50x then I started noticing M50x sounds rather muddy.
    I searched for closed can upgrade and got myself a pair of Shure 1540.
    Shure was better, but not in the way I liked.
    It had clarity I could appreciate, but it lacked excitement I was hoping for.
    Now I'm selling Shure 1540 and looking into another closed can.

    Then I came across WH1000xm2.
    Sound quality will suffer due to its wireless nature, but it seems it has rather good review on sound quality.
    However I didn't find any direct comparison to other wired headphones.
    I was wondering any of you had an idea.

    Also, any recommendation for closed can under $500 is welcome.
    Primary use will be games and movies

    Thank you for your insight and your input.
  2. PaganDL
    Hi Timewellwasted,

    First off, welcome to Headfi & apologies to your wallet in advance...

    Ok, comparing the WH 1000 X M2 to the M 50 X is like apples & oranges.
    My personal bias towards the M 50 X & pricepoint between the two aside, they are completely different headphones & do different things.

    Not bad choice on the 1540 as a decent upgrade but the 940 would have been a better bet to go to after the M 50 X but never mind.
    What do you mean by excitement? What kind of response are you looking for?
    There are many good closed I can recommend but aside from games & movies, what are your preferences for sound after clarity, do you enjoy detail, good bass response, etc?
    At least it will help give a better idea on what you're after.

    The problem with reviews are just that & highly subjective if you can't try them yourself.
    Just out of curiosity, are you able to demo headphones? It's always helpful to demo if & when you can.
    Do you have a quality source in the first place as unless you have a quality source, CD quality at minimun, 320 Kbps, no matter how good the headphone, if your source is crap, it's going to sound crap.
    By the way, sound quality also goes for your soundcard on your computer, if your soundcard is crap, no good headphone or amplifier is going to make it better.
    External USB computer interfaces from the pro audio world work very well, such as Lexicon Alpha or any Focusrite Scarlett, just to name a few.
    Look in any pro audio place for good deals on these interfaces.

    I can tell you with some confident certainty as I own the WH 1000 X M2, sound quality doesn't suffer at all unless you're out of range which is standard for bluetooth.
    As this is a WIRELESS headphone, I would hardly to be surprised one way or the other if there were direct comparisons to any wired as aside from the excellent Noise Cancelling, this is primarily a wireless headphone.
    It is also perhaps the best noise cancelling out there.
    Regardless whether it is wired or not, they work very well with good bass response, clarity & detail.
    So I recommend the WH 1000 X M2 wholeheartedly.

    But since you also ask for other options, here are some which come to mind in no particular order.

    Audio Technica MSR 7
    Meze 99 Classics (stock pads may not suit if one has glasses, large &/odd shaped ears)
    Oppo PM 3 (Stock cable has narrow front facing sound, Balanced cable has wider rear facing sound)
    Shure RH 940

    As stated earlier, regardless whatever headphone you decide on, always demo with quality sources & trust your own ears.
  3. timewellewasted
    Thank you for reply!

    I'll look into deals on WH1000XM2 now.

    By excitement, I'm guessing I mean bass response.
    I'm not too sure myself as I do not fully understand what type of sound signature creates excitement.
    Something fun to listen to is what I'm looking for.
    What makes fun sound to listen to? Is it clarity? detail? base response?
    It will be combination of all but what takes precedence over others?
    Where lies the sweet spot of balance that can deliver the exciting sound signature?
    I do not know. I'm still searching for an answer.

    For demo, I buy from places with good return policy, demo and return headphones.
    I did exactly that with Sony z7 and some others.
    With Shure 1540, however, It took long time for me to make decision to keep or not.
    I ended up going over return period.

    I tried Oppo PM3. I liked it a lot, but it also didn't sound exciting to my ears and ended up returning them.

    How is WH1000XM2 compared to MSR7 and Meze 99?

    Thanks for advice and have a good day. :)
  4. PaganDL
    Hi Timewellwasted,

    Sound is very subjective & personal, as you spend more time on headfi, you'll find a lot of heated debates on sound preferences & the like which can be very unproductive & unhelpful as those who are fans of certain brands will only suggest those, nothing else.
    As said, what's important is to know what you like where sound &/or music is concerned, it's among many reasons why people get into this very interesting past time.
    Though what not many bring up is how music makes them feel, feeling sound is just as important if not more than hearing sound but it is the combination which determines how well it fits for you.
    Only you can answer your own questions you put forward which is why it's not only important to know your sources very well, with those same sources being of quality.
    Then with these two points in mind, you can experiment listening from not only different headphones, IEMs, players, amplifiers, etc, the list goes on.
    As experimentation continues, you will find what appeals to you & go from there.

    Almost ironically, I have the MSR 7 & Meze 99 which I got in reverse order to how you phrased your query.

    I stress these are all different headphones, so in a sense, in my subjective personal opinion, they can't really be compared in the same catergory.
    Also, aside from Noise Cancelling (which is the selling point) the WH 1000 X M2 has a built in amp which subjectively again, is close to on the go reference level without any added gear, eg, portable amp, etc.
    So in brief, keep in mind, this is my personal subjective opinion are as follows :

    MSR 7 is a good musically responsive headphone which caters well to quality sound in all genres with equal measure on the go for an affordable price.

    Meze 99 Classics are as the name suggests, leaning towards classical, jazz, etc but handles anything with good bass response very well, eg, metal, rock, edm, etc definitely better than the MSR 7, with a sound which leans towards warm & smooth, almost refined but with enough space overall to better immerse the listener. It is one of the few headphones at this level & price which require minimum 'burn in' of 20 hours for that supposed resolving effect though Meze himself recommends 40 hours.
    There is some truth the sound changes but it is tricky sometimes to say how this sits subjectively, once again, only the listener can answer that question.
    They are perhaps the only 'fashion cans' which can perform but that's just my personal subjective opinion as they're definitely out there to be noticed.

    Once you listen to many headphones & IEMs, you'll realise there is such a thing as what some refer to as 'house sound' or distinctive to a particular brand & this more often than not causes much heated debates in the forums as some will prefer one over the other &/or say only that sound is superior over others, case in point, any of the headphones made by these first three letters, sen.
    Personally, subjectively, I am not convinced this is the case & I steer clear of this example on a combination of principle & having experienced many others which appeal to me more.
    There are also a few other brands who have a sound which doesn't appeal to me personally or 'loses' me after a time.
    One last thing to note, even for those brands I don't like as a general rule as I've just outlined, I can agree on a technical level they sound good but to the level others rave about?
    Definitely not.
  5. timewellewasted
    Your response helped a ton.

    Thank you!

    Have a good day :)
  6. PaganDL
    No problem.

    Always happy to help.

    Be curious to know how it goes.

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