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London Meet - Saturday 27th April

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  1. MarkyB16
    Sign me up! 
  2. GSARider Contributor
    Great, getting quite a few now...!
    All I'd ask is to let me know if you're not going to come along nearer the time as the hotel is charging for sandwiches, etc on a per head basis - whilst we head-fiers won't be paying - Sennheiser kindly will and it's at £12 a head...so I don't really want them paying for folk that don't turn up.
  3. suicidal_orange
    £12 per head is very accurate, does that mean the venue is decided?  I only ask because assuming the trip to the pub will be at least a couple of hours I'll be needing to book a hotel and the one the meet is in would be easiest.  Though if it charges £12 for sandwhiches perhaps I'll be looking for another nearby...
  4. GSARider Contributor
    Nearly there on the booking, just trying to decide if the room will be big enough, it is rated for 50 people and as we have 24 already, we need to be sure we get somewhere with enough capacity. So it would be good to get as many commitments as early as possible.
  5. MaxD
    Im in.  I dont have much to show off though :frowning2:
  6. musicday
    So it is free to come and have an audittion right?[​IMG]
    Can't wait and try the HD700 and IE800.
  7. GSARider Contributor
    First & foremost, the meet is about a group of enthusiasts getting together and comparing and auditioning kit, whether you have a suitcase full to bring or none at all. There's no charge, just a lot of goodwill.:) oh and of course our charity raffle...:wink:
  8. musicday
    Thank you i wil be there, don't live that far from London anyway.And i have never went to a Headifi meet so i am very excited.
  9. GSARider Contributor
    Please add the thread to your signature chaps and help spread the word...:)
  10. atticus92
    Anyone know of any shops in London I can bring my pair of ATH-M50 to get modded with a removable cable? Or any shops that repairs headphones in general (one of my old headphones require re-wiring).
  11. GSARider Contributor
    You can pm Frank at Toxic Cables here on head fi and ask him?
  12. GSARider Contributor
    Someone mentioned the Sennheiser Surrounder on the thread, Sennheiser UK think they may have one kicking around to bring along...:) have to admit I'd never even heard of this before and looked up on Google, very whacky looking setup and I'm intrigued...:D
  13. Nulliverse
    Count me in. I don't have much to show, but see it as a perfect opportunity to try phones I've been considering for years...
  14. Cakensaur
    NO WAY :D
    This means i will be coming even should i break every bone in my body the night before :wink:
  15. JoetheArachnid
    Not sure I can make it depending on how busy I am, but if there were to be an Orpheus confirmed to be in attendance... that might swing things.
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