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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by reiserfs, Nov 9, 2010.
  1. thompsontechs
    I did the upgrade from the factory, so I can not tell you what the sound difference was from stock. Perhaps someone else could chime in that did a cap upgrade or who has heard both. Also, there is some good info on this forum, you might just try searching on Mundorf and read.

  2. wkndWarrior
    Another noob question from me hope thats ok.
    Ordered a LD MKVI+ Yesterday and plan to do some tube rolling when it arrives (coming from an LD MKIV SE and tried some different tubes on that one).
    I googled to try to find some good replacement tubes but love to get some suggestions from members in this forum. I will start with tubes that don't require any mods being done to the amplifier itself.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction :)
    I love when the sound is a little more warm than cold if that helps. Looking for both Driver and Power tubes. It rather be NOS tubes than modern tubes.
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  3. ViperGeek
    Hi wkndWarrior.

    A ways back in this thread, I made a list of prospective driver and power tubes for my Mk VI+ here:

    Personally, I've tried Tung Sol 6SL7GT Cryo Treated driver tubes before selecting the CV181-Z black bottle driver tubes, and they made a noticeable improvement, especially after burn-in.

    The NOS RCA 6AS7G power tubes were the first replacement power tubes I've tried after lots of research. I would like to try either the Bendix or Tung Sol 6080WB power tubes, but they are hard to find and expensive. I've been told the newer versions of classic tubes are "thinner" sounding while original NOS tubes are "fuller" or "richer". I tend to agree that the NOS RCA 6AS7G power tubes are lush and rich.

    There are many other opinions on tube rolling, but hopefully this can give you a starting point.

    - Dave
  4. wkndWarrior
    Great, thank you for replying :)
    Does both of the drivertubes you speak of fit without adapters or modifications?
  5. ViperGeek
    Hi Mattias.

    The Tung Sol 6SL7GT fit without an adapter, but the fatter base on the Shuguang Treasure CV181-Z driver tubes require an adapter such as:

    Note that the higher end Shuguang CV181-TII tubes don't require an adapter, but are quite expensive.

    - Dave
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  6. wkndWarrior
  7. greenkiwi
    Is there any particular way to know if you're tubes are in need of replacement?
  8. ViperGeek
    Very imprecisely, two indicators of tube failure (other than total blowout) are:
    • Noticeable increase in distortion or decrease in gain in one channel*
    • Noticeable decrease in the meters, which show the working positive (+ve) plate current for one of each pair of power tubes
    *There are many other possible reasons for gain loss or distortion, but swapping tubes left↔right is an easy way to rule out the tubes.

    - Dave

    ps. See also:
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  9. wkndWarrior
    Have one pair of Psvane CV181-TII on the way, very good customer service at psvane and they answered a ton of questions before i decided to order :)
    Looking forward to some try them out.
    Still looking for two pairs of powertubes...
  10. gug42
    Do you have others tubes to compare with them ?
  11. wkndWarrior
    Not at the moment, planning to order some Nos tubes as well later on...Read some reviews on them that were very good so i will give them a chance :)
    Done a lot of tuberolling on my former amp LD MKIV SE so i know what kind of sound i'm after...
  12. wkndWarrior
    Anyone knows were you can buy a custom volume nobb for the mkvi+? Would like one in polished brass :)
  13. rudra
    worthwhile posting in the mod thread. You probably will have better luck getting an answer
  14. wkndWarrior
    Ok, thanks for the tip :)
  15. baronbeehive
    I also had a much loved MKivSE when I put a tungsol in that one I never looked back, so maybe I can help as I've tried a few tubes to get the sound I want from the Mkvi+. First for that warm snug sound the 6AS7G RCA's for power tubes as someone has said. Then if you still want a warm sound, it becomes a problem if you also put in, say RCA 6SN7's because it could be too mellow.... so you have to mix and match, warm power tubes and clearer drivers, or clear power tubes and warm drivers. I put in the Tungsol 6SL7's and have more or less stayed ever since, after a bit of experimentation, well a lot actually!

    Agreed! The Bendix are some of the best you can buy, and very well constructed with a nice very open detailed smooth sound, but the RCA's are still very good if you can't get hold of the Bendixes.

    SonicTrance should be able to tell you about that, he has a nice gold one.... but he didn't tell me where he got it from!

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