Little Dot MK VI / Little Dot MK VIII SE Owners Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by reiserfs, Nov 9, 2010.
  1. thompsontechs
    I had a couple of flags for this thread... I know I may be a bit lake, but they were about heat. the VIII gets hot as ****. I had the M-Caps put in and it came with no fans because the caps got in the way. If you run that bitch like that without fans it will be hot enough to warm the food in your dorm. I **** you not folks, way to hot for comfort. I put fans, "outside" the case because it was scary hot...

    No BS here. just trying to give back. HOTAS****!
  2. NinjaMilez
    Thanks for letting me know, I've read some reviews around the web and it doesn't look like the amp for me anymore.
  3. wkndWarrior

    Can someone confirm that i have got this right. I'm looking at the MKVI+ Vs the MKVIII se for my Fostex TH-900 mk2 (balanced). What i have read the MKVI+ would be the better match due to it's impedance of 25ohm.
    I'm no expert so please give me a second opinion :)
  4. greenkiwi
    that's my read. VIII only for high impedance cans.
  5. gug42
    My next mod will be to add a "plancha" on the top of the tubes :)
  6. wkndWarrior
    Thanks for the answer :)
  7. thompsontechs
    This a great amp, and if you do not upgrade the caps, it will come with internal fans... the problem crops up if you get the larger Mundorf caps. If you do this, there is no room for the internal fans and you are going to need some cooling.

    I LOVE the amp. :)

  8. ViperGeek
    You are correct. According to

    "The Little Dot MK VIII SE is designed to be used with high impedance headphones like Sennheisers (HD600, HD650, HD800) and Beyerdynamics."

    On the other hand, the Little Dot MK VI+ is a high current beast, able to drive pretty much anything. Mine drives the following headphones with complete authority:
    • HD-650 = 300Ω
    • ATH-M50x = 38Ω (SE)
    • LCD-2 = 50Ω
    • TH-X00 = 25Ω (SE)
    • LCD-4 = 200Ω

    - Dave
  9. wkndWarrior
    Ok thanks, I will go with the MKVI+ then :)
    I have sold my LD MKIV SE that i loved very much but want to try something else.
    Also use a Oppo HA-1 but want to go back to tubes again.
  10. rudra
    you could always use a laptop cooler under the amp. That is what I did since mine came with no fans and had the Mundorf caps. No problems with heat. YMMV
  11. Chemi
    How do you connect this laptop cooler? (In usb?) as often the ampli doesn't like the laptop too nearby....?
  12. thompsontechs
    I did do that to start, but it didn't cool the way I wanted, so I sized the holes and mounted two fans external which are powered by a usb charger. :)

    These bolt right up

    I also put filters on the intake side
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  13. thompsontechs
    Just pickup a stand alone USB charger and you can place it wherever you want. :)

  14. Chemi
    Why don't I think to this?

  15. roxrite
    Can somebody explain me what the mundorf mcap silver oil capacitor upgrade improves?

    How is the sound quality improved?

    And is it worth it or should I just stick with the stock caps?

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