List your favorite IEMS under $500

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  1. Ziadax
    Sony EX1000/7550 ~$200 - $350 (Personal favorite single dynamic IEMs)
    JVC FX850/FX1100 ~$230 - $320 (Great basshead IEM with unique timbre)
    Aurisonics Harmony ~$300 (Best basshead hybrid IEM I've heard under $500)
    Aurisonics Rockets ~$220 (Better than IE800 IMO, invincible build quality)
    MEE Pinnacle P1 ~$200 (You're not gonna beat these at $200)
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  2. thejoker13
    FLC8S (hybrid)
    Lao Zhong A5(hybrid)
    Brainwavz B400 (quad ba)
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  3. Carlsan
    Audeze iSine 20 (demo can be found for 439.00)
    iBasso IT03
    Sony xba n3
    AKG N40
    AAW AH3 (CIEM)
    Campfire Audio Nova
    Campfire Audio Orion
  4. VonBoedfeld

    how does the Toneking Nine Tail compare to the Nuforce?
  5. thejoker13
    I would say the nuforce is detailed and balanced, with excellent clarity in all frequencies. They are more clinical and colder sounding in comparison to the nine tails.
    The nine tail also are very detailed in all frequencies, and extremely musical. In my opinion the bass is the star of the show with the nine tails. The bass digs deep and is very tight, without bloat. Also, the nine tail can be tuned to suit your sound preference. They're vastly underated in my opinion.
  6. VonBoedfeld
    Many Thanks!
    I do not like the Primo 8 playing voices. It sounds kind of tinny and muffled.
    Is the Nine Tail better in this regard?
  7. thejoker13
    I agree the nuforce has thin sounding vocals, in my opinion. The nine tail has warmer, smooth and natural vocals to me.
  8. VonBoedfeld
    Just ordered the Toneking Nine Tails at Ali :wink:
    Can't wait to plug these in my ears......
  9. thejoker13
    That's great! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
  10. uoods
    Etymotic ER4P/S, the classics. Haven't heard the modern versions but they are supposedly unchanged.
    Shure E4c haven't tried many dynamics tbh so I'm sure there are better modern dynamics these days, but these have served me well for a long time.
  11. ksb643
    Venture Electronics Zen 2.0
    TDK BA 200
  12. hi-fi amateur
    DUNU DK-3001
    TDK BA200
    Vsonic GR07
  13. MementoMori99
    PSB M4U4(hybrid)
  14. jeffhawke
    Custom Art Ei.3, CIEM for $420. Universal fit also available.
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  15. jeffhawke
    And a more comprehensive list:

    Shockwave iii 4BA+1DD $277
    FLC 8S 2BA+1DD $329
    IMR R1 Bstock 2DD $333
    NCM DB3 2BA+1DD $338
    Wooeasy DB7 6BA+1DD $379
    CA EI.1 3BA $383
    Earsonics ES3 3BA $413
    CA FIBAE 2 2BA $536
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