List your favorite IEMS under $500

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  1. wylfsyn
    FLC8S again, VSonic GR07 BE
  2. TurbinePro
    I might have name bias but hot damn the Monster Turbine Pro Coppers. Still miss those babes sometimes.
  3. Slaphead
    I'm going to put a shout out here for the RHA T20(i)

    They've got a certain pacey addictive quality to them that brings a smile to your, or at least my, face, not to mention a bass that digs really deep, but is clean and in no way bloated. Plus you can tune them to your preferences with the included filters.
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  4. markrw
    Turbo Ear T7 Hybrid (6BA+1DD). I also like the DUNU DN2000J. The Dunu's have a thinner sound while the T7's sound are thicker and more 3d sounding. They compliment each other very well.
  5. beowulf
    I'm going wild on this one and list the Havi B3 Pro 1. Because it's 10x cheaper than the top limit. (~50 Eur).
    For the ones picking more recent models closer to the cap, I suspect a lot of Mee P1 and maybe 1More Quad's and Triples will be mentioned.

    I suspect the Sony XBA-Z5 could be truly high in this list if you can find them. The shop I ordered them from went bankrupt right after my order, so... can't tell.
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  6. azel831
    Dont tease me baby. The Gr09 is only but a myth
  7. Holypal
    It's just my opinion. I'm a fan of single dynamic driver iem.
  8. Tom Yum Goong
    Earsonics ES3 by a long shot.
  9. Bastianpp
  10. Herman
    Final Heaven VI
    Shure SE215
    Philips Fidelio S2
  11. jrflanne
    Grado GR10's for me. They are small, comfortable and sound outstanding. If you want Big Bass and rolled off treble, they are not for you. Very easy to drive as well. I actually listen to them in my office through Valhalla 2 and Bifrost Multibit, just because. I was listening to my LCD 2's this morning but they get hot after a while. When I am working, comfort is a big want.
  12. winslord
    The best earphones for their overall qualities are the V-Moda Forza Metallo Wireless. However, judging by your taste and requirement, you want some bass-heavy earphones. I appreciate a little bass more than a perfectly flat sound profile, and I think the Forza Metallo Wireless has more than adequate bass and lows, although it's definitely not earphones that let the bass dominate the other frequencies. Something I've owned that possess a by-design bass emphasis is the V-Moda Zn. These are extremely durable and have a very rich, organic sound. Do mind some burn-in first, however. I've accidentally put them in the washing machine and dryer as well, yet they came out as clean as they could be (pun intended).

    Here are my comparisons to some other earphones from the Zn's perspective
    Sol Republic Relays Sport / urBeats: The Zn are more balanced and WAY more crisp. Bass not as overpowering, but feels more punchy.
    BeoPlay H3 ANC: Similar soundstage but more balanced sound while the H3's treble feels very over-pushed (too bright it hurts).
    Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear: Also similar wide soundstage but the mids are better on the Zn. This is because I feel the Momentum kinda overemphasizes their bass and treble.
    Sure SE315: Zn offers a warmer sound and a wider soundstage.
    RHA T10i: Warmer sound from the Zn but similar soundstage.
    Sony XBA-A3: The Zn offers a little wider soundstage, a slightly cleaner sound, and bass that is very slightly more punchy.
    Shure SE846: Zn is not as clear as the Shure, but has a similar soundstage and more bass.
    V-Moda Forza Metallo Wireless: Zn has more kick and roundness to the bass, yet not as clear as the FMW.
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  13. originalsnuffy
    FLC8S. I did have a pair of the LZ-A4 but I prefer the FLC8S.

    I like the fit of the FLC8S compared with the LZ-A4 and the sound is far more detailed. The tuning system is complicated but effective.
  14. seamon
    JVC HA-FX850 easy
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