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Limited Selection(I have a Fry's gift card), can you guys help me out?

  1. jsfire90
    Hey guys, I have a 150 dollar gift certificate to Fry's and I'm looking to buy a pair of IEM's or headphones. The problem is, Fry's has a pretty limited selection. So here are my choices:
    Sleek Audio A-6 Earbuds - 129.99
    Monster Beats Solo - 179.95
    Shure SE210-A-K - 149.99
    Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers - 149.99
    SONY MDREX500LP - 129.99
    So these prices and selection aren't great. From reviews on this site and some other research, looks like the Sleek Audio A-6 aren't that great for the price, Monster Beats are generally just overpriced. I'm leaning towards the Shure's, but amazon sells the same model for 99.99, so i feel like the price is a rip off. So i'm considering the Monster Turbine's, i've read a couple great reviews on them.
    What do you guys think? I listen to music ranging from hip-hop to alternative rock (usher to john mayer to radiohead to the red hot chili peppers). One thing that's pretty important for me is isolation or noise cancellation(not active though). Please help! thanks everyone! 


  2. MrFaust
    I don't know if they still carry them, but I bought my Onkyo AH-C700's at Frys. But that was a couple years ago. I did see when they got in the AH-C351 and AH-C710 models in. But again I haven't looked in that section in many years.
  3. torptube
    Turbines are great down low, but they don't have the clarity that the SA6 has. The SA6 also have the tuning option to change the sound of the phone, it will never be able to match the bass output of the Turbine. 
    It pretty much comes down to clarity vs bassy fun.
    The SA6 has a removable cable, but they have their own set of problems. Sleek Audio is usually really helpful in replacing them though, and apparently there's a new new, faster, better, stronger cable in the works. It's probably coming out with the SA7 (which look really good). I have an inkling feeling that the SA6 hate here is because the first model was built like crap, and the cable have always been built like crap. It's probably gonna change when the SA7 rolls around (the hate).

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