1. Billkwando

    Phone suggestions for a former Bose Tri-port IE user?

    Hi All! I've been lurking here off and on for a few years and am well aware of how the forum in general view Bose products. Before you point & laugh, I got a pair of the original triport IEs (with the Bose billboard-sized plug, and before they had the b&w cable and inline volume) at the local...
  2. Nielo TM

    Sony MDR-EX500LP vs MDR-EX300SL

    I am looking to upgrade from MDR-EX082, (which came included with the Sony A816), and I came across these two. The EX500 retails at £50 and the EX300 retails at £30 here in UK. My query is, is the EX500 worth the extra £20, and are there any better alternatives for the price? BTW...
  3. DamnitCamn

    Sound comparison between Sony MDR-ex500LP and Sony XBA-1?

    Hey all,     Recently, I was forced to replace my much-loved MDR-ex500LPs and I pulled the trigger on the XBA-1 since amazon had them for cheap (for thirty bucks, even if they aren't great, they should be functional until I can get a nicer pair).  Any idea what differences I can expect in...
  4. zerocoolhifi

    IEMs for around $80 - All types of music but tight bass a must

    Long time listener, first time caller. I am currently looking for a set of IEMs in the $80 price range. Have no preference but do currently own a set of monster turbine pro gold which I love - i am looking for a set for my son. Considering monster turbine, shure 215, etymotic hf3/5, head direct...
  5. Mattcooper

    Could someone please recommend me an IEM?

    Hey there, A slight newbie in the IEM market here.   I was wondering if somebody could recommend me some IEM's?   Have a budget of around £100 or under.   I currently, and have only ever owned pairs of Sony MDR-EX500's - which I LOVE! Have tried the EX510's but was more fond of...
  6. ajmiarka

    Scosche IEM856 - Dual drivers, one armature and one dynamic

    This is an interesting concept to me.  Are there other companies doing this?   I love a warm sound, but sometimes wish that there was a bit more sparkle on the mid/high end.  This seems like it would solve both issues.    I know that Scosche isn't know for their sound, but I thought I would...
  7. mark2410

    Spider Realvoice Quick Review

      Spider Realvoice Quick Review     Brief:  It looks like a chavy Sony MDR-XB40EX   Price:  RRP US$90   Specification:  Dynamic Driver 12.5mm Impedance – 18 ohms Frequency Response – 5Hz~20000Hz  Sensitivity – 107dB Cord Length – 120cm   Accessories:  A bunch of tips and...
  8. Hubert007

    Under $100 earphones

    Well so I have been looking around for some decent headphones for few days now and I would like to get some advice from people on what I should go for. I have around $100 to spend on good headphones and I mean headphones which look good and sound great as well. I mostly listen to alot of genres...
  9. milkyspray

    Mdr ex500 vs Mdr ex1000

    I own these monitors and was wondering if anyone else noticed that these two monitors sound almost exactly the same? I have both of them burned-in  about 100 hours of white noise. I brought the 500s a few weeks before the 1000s and I was very impressed with the sound quality of the 500s. The...
  10. Senden

    Advice on headphones/earphones for my Samsung Galaxy 2

    Got my SGS2 yesterday and so far have been very impressed except with the music playback. I upgraded from the iphone 3gs and the music playback through my headphones is nowhere near as loud. This kind of sucks for me as I regularly use my phone at high volume levels (ears ringing after) to pump...
  11. TheExile

    Just got m50's - Fake? (white/light teal'ish box) lots of pictures

    Edit 3: Pictures   Just got them. They sound amazing. Blows away my Altec Lansing earbuds I had for the passed 3 years. I just want to double check, they're not fake right? I was looking at some threads of people comparing authentic to fake m50's. Not sure about the headband stitching. It...
  12. ghjkfd

    Sennheiser CX 300-II vs Sony EX Earbuds (MDREX500LP) vs Klipsch Ear-bud (IMAGE S5I) vs Bose MIE2I

    Hi, as you can see in the title I was trying to decide between the:   Sennheiser CX 300-II Sony EX Earbuds (MDREX500LP) Klipsch Ear-bud  (IMAGE S5I) Bose MIE2I and maybe the Sennheiser/Adidas Headset (CX680I)   Any experience you have with these earbuds would be very helpful, the...
  13. Neotelos

    Sony MDR-EX510LP & MDR-EX600 vs MDR-EX500

    I've generally been pleased with Sony's $100-200 lines and my pair of EX500's was stolen over the weekend. I can't really make up my mind...I've been eyeing the EX1000 and Sennheiser IE8's but I'm just not ready to make the jump.   Basically, I'd like to know how the new line compares to...
  14. mark2410

    Sunrise Xcape v2 Quick Review

      Sunrise Xcape v2 Quick Review     Thanks to UKheadphones and Sunrise Audio for the samples.   Brief:  Version 2 of the Xcape.   Price:  Circa £50 - £60 depending on location and currency   Specification:  ?   Accessories:  The usual, a bunch of different tips, a...
  15. Nathen

    cx-500 broke, <£50 upgrade ideas please :)

    Hello, My cx-500's which I bought off a year or so ago for £18 have finally died. Please can you suggest what my best upgrade option would be? And also where I can get them from? As a student I'd prefer something I could get for the same price range, but would happily stretch it to say...
  16. d_headshot

    Need IEM upgrade($100-150 CAD)

    I currently use the ATH-M50s for my fullsize headphones and I really love them. However, I have a pair of old Sennheiser CX300's which have had their time. I think their mids and highs are pretty terrible so I'm looking for a new pair of IEMs which meet the following preferences around the...
  17. Tiranda

    Sony Ex700 Vs. Ex500 Vs. Akg K370

    as U see guys, i wanna Buy one Of them. i wanna Figure Out Which One is Better & more suitable 4 my iphone....And which one is valor! 
  18. DaBird

    Bus rider with tired ears - help me ditch my iphone headphones

    First post. I need some new headphones, but I'm a total nooby. I have an ipod (iphone 4) and use the standard issue headphones. They're ok, but I do virtually all of my listening on my bus commute to/from work - over 2 hours a day mostly at freeway speeds.  Buses are loud, so I really have the...
  19. Dr-Ludvig

    IEM question from a newb!

    Hello there head-fi'ers! I've been lurking around there forums anonymously for a while now, but decided to go ahead and make me a user, and i have a few questions. First of, i'm looking for some new IEMs, i've previusly owned a pair of Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket (blah btw) and most...
  20. gurpswu

    HELP :( :s

    Headphone history Rubbish iPod headphones Sennheiser CX300 Precision II CX400 Precision II's Sennheiser HD201     So, the last pair of headphones I had were the CX400's which I bought for around £30. I lost them.   I gave my CX300's to my sister. So basically, the only...
  21. Peruvian96

    Klipsch Image S4?

    I've been thinking about buying this IEM for quite a while now. I've heard great reviews on them, but also some bad ones. Both sides contradict each other. one says that the sound is warm and nice, while the other side says that the klipsch image s4 have a harsh sound, especially in the treble...
  22. shalingang

    sony ex500lp vs monster turbine

    While sony ex500lps are widely popular in Asia with their higher end siblings, it seems they are under the radar in US. And the monster turbines are just in opposite. how are they compared to each other? 
  23. lawonga

    Westone 2, what am I doing wrong?

    I've been listening to my new Westone 2's for about 3 hours after my old sony mdr ex 500's "broke" a couple days ago - one side is broken, but if I wiggle the cords it comes back to life again until I bump the cord. Coming from a sub $100 pair of iem's I had expected the Westone 2's to dominate...
  24. HamishGill

    portable amp + relevant connector for use with iphone

    Hi   Sorry if i have dived in without introducing my self if that is the forum etiquette?   i'll start off by saying something that is quite likely to do me no favours, my history with ear/headphones is not very positive! and i have always concentrated on my main hifi system, but i am...
  25. jsfire90

    Limited Selection(I have a Fry's gift card), can you guys help me out?

    Hey guys, I have a 150 dollar gift certificate to Fry's and I'm looking to buy a pair of IEM's or headphones. The problem is, Fry's has a pretty limited selection. So here are my choices:   Sleek Audio A-6 Earbuds - 129.99 Monster Beats Solo - 179.95 Shure SE210-A-K - 149.99 Monster...