Lightning Cables - Official and Custom (welcomed).

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  1. zachchen1996
  2. Roen
    Does anyone know of a right angle to right angle, Lightning to mini-USB cable?

    If not, which are the best Full size Female to Mini Male adapters to use?
  3. zachchen1996
  4. Roen
  5. Yobster69
    Hi Roen, can I ask what you intend to plug your cable into? As unless it's MFi certified the cable will not work, and I am unaware of any MFi DAC's that take mini USB...... well there is one, the Microshar, but you have to use their cable at additional expense anyway!!!
  6. Roen

    Cheapest Balanced DAC that I could find, and it's MFi.
  7. Yobster69
    Well I'll be! Never heard of them, or it, well found. I looked about a year ago for the exact same cable, as I was looking at the Microshar G3 and that uses mini rather than micro or USB A, to no avail :frowning2:
    It seems there just isn't enough demand for somebody to make one in quantity, and the one from Microshar is straight ended -

    It may be worth asking if somebody would make you one. Take a look at the custom cable thread as there may be a cable wizard that can help???
    And please report back here if you do find one as that DAC and AMP looks rather handy :)
  8. Yobster69
    I have to say as well though that I think it's rather poor that they do not supply any appropriate lightning cable to use it with iOS, right angle or not, seeing as it is an MFi product!!!
  9. Roen
    Would a USB 2.0 A to Mini B adapter work?
  10. Roen
    Wow.....that is an expensive 4 inch cable.
  11. Yobster69
    And the very reason I didn't buy the Microshar! The Oppo HA2 won by several furlongs! Honest though, why do Ratoc not supply their product with a cable? Or use micro/A type USB. Kinda makes it awkward to recommend. Have you tried emailing them to see what they suggest?
  12. davidjan
    Meenova Lightning to MicroUSB Cable works great with portable DAC for iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  13. Yobster69
    I can't see why not, though it will make the whole form a lot larger. I use an adaptor to connect my iPhone to the JDS Labs C5D via the CCK cable. Works like a charm. It's just not so pocketable.
  14. Roen
    Arg, why can't we have a nice small cheap high quality cable.

    Ok, I'm asking for too much.
  15. ExpatinJapan
    I got three good cables with my Cozoy Rei. All terminated in Micro usb.

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