Lightning Cables - Official and Custom (welcomed).

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  1. ExpatinJapan
    This is a thread to discuss Lightning cables available on the market.
    I myself am interested in cables for use for portable DAC/Amp rigs like the Hifi-M8, Fostex hp_p1, Sony-PH1/2, Go-Dap, Verza, Cypher labs Theorum(has a different end) etc.
    I myself use a Hifi-M8.
    Discussion about build quality and different technical aspects and audio quality welcomed.
    Pleas NOTE: Differing opinions may occur whether there are any differences in clarity or audio quality coming from various digital cables, I do not wish to turn this thread into a cables make a difference/make no difference war. Thank you.
    And with that, onto the cables.
    Venturecraft 7N
    Quite even.

    Venturecraft original/black
    More emphasis on low and high end.

    Vmoda Tuono
    More emphasis on the low end.

    First up the Venture Craft angled lightning to USB-A cable.
    This is a simple design of a USB cable with the official Apple lightning to mini USB adapter shrunk wrapped on, a kludge to be sure but effective none the less.
    Venturecraft will also release an updated cleaner version as seen below later the year 2013.
    (The final version will be shorter, the same length as the the 30 pin cable).
    Next we have the V-Moda Tuono
    A nice compact cable with a solid build.
    I use the: 
    -V-Moda Tuono for commuting as it has a nice deep low end and present forward vocals.
    -Venturecraft for home and cafe listening as it has slightly better imaging and instrument separation/placement.
    Cables pictured with Centrance Hifi-M8 and ipod touch 5G.
    Super small line by head-fier thegrobe
  2. krismusic Contributor
    Thanks for starting this. :) I'm after Lighting to 3.5mm.
  3. Toxic Cables
    Lightning to 3.5mm are not yet available.
    I did make one for myself, but as you can see, the lightning side is a similar size to the older 30 pin connectors.
    DSC_0665.jpg   DSC_0664.jpg
    I am also in the process of having some custom chrome plated aluminium lightning and USB angled connectors manufactured,
    jjjj.jpg   jjjjjjjj.jpg
  4. krismusic Contributor
    I was wondering whether I could cut the 30 pin of an Apple cabled adaptor and replace it with my own jack. Do you know if this would work and how I would discover which wires to connect?
  5. Toxic Cables
    Won't work.
  6. Happy Camper
    Wow. this is yet another product for Toxic? Salute.
  7. krismusic Contributor
    I guess that saves me from wasting time trying it! Out of interest why?
  8. seeteeyou
  9. Blurpapa
    same here....any leads so far?
  10. seeteeyou
  11. krismusic Contributor
    Just received  the Apple wired adaptor. Damn that is one messy solution! I have yet to hear it. Too tired tonight.
  12. Ferminx
  13. aamefford
    Cross post from the HIFI-M8 review thread:

    Any comments contrasting the Vmoda and the MonoPrice lightning cables? I see 1/4" length difference and $10 diference. Any hands on experience with either?
  14. ThePrince425
    @Expat, you had mentioned that the vmoda and venturecraft gave slightly different SQ. AFAIK, it would be a pure digital signal extracted from the iphone, so would it possible to be affected by the cable? Don't take me wrongly, am not a skeptic, and I do appreciate how cables affect audio signal transmission (I am from Belden after all haha), just curious on your statement
  15. ExpatinJapan
    Yeah, i understand theres meant to be no difference being 1 and 0s, but to my ears there is.
    I had a bad venturecraft (they had about 20 pcs recalled) and so when i went to the shop i really wanted the vmoda to win, but the venturecraft kept coming out on top.
    I bought them both for different purposes and further testing.

    Tried em both again yesterday vmoda then then venturecraft, it was as if a veil lifted when i changed to the venturecraft.

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