Lightning Cables - Official and Custom (welcomed).

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  1. mehdikh423
    this cable is for mojo+iphone
    Fantastic sound quality and no hisss
  2. Evshrug
    Any suggested short lightning cables I could buy from Amazon (with gift cards)? Good ergonomics for cargo pocket/vest use a plus!
  3. thamasha69

    Which cable is that and where can it be ordered?
  4. DeanKeith
    Can anyone confirm that...
    The Zeskit Lightning to USB Cable:

    Will work with the FiiO K1:
    On an iPhone 6S+?
    I don't see why it wouldn't but I'm also still a little confused why so many people say you need the Camera Connection Kit (CCK).
  5. mehdikh423

    Some cables have apple chipset these cables dont need cck cable and you can use it directly to iphone
  6. Yobster69
    Firstly I'm afraid the Fiio K1 will not work as a DAC with any Apple device as it is not MFI certified. In short, Apple uses a proprietary language from the Lightning port which the K1 will not decode. A product like the Oppo HA2 would be perfect as it is made with the Apple decoding included. The camera connection kit has the decoding chip inside it, but is not the perfect solution as it adds bulk to the cable connection.
    Secondly, and although I do know that the Zeskit cable does work with an MFI certified DAC/AMP, the K1 appears to have a micro USB input, and this cable has a USB type A connection, so it wouldn't fit anyway!
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.....
  7. DeanKeith

    It would only be "bad tidings" if I ordered it before waiting for an answer from you guys.  Thank you so much for the info.  That explains my question about "why CCK" and the K1.  So I'm more informed.  My only issue with the Oppo HA-2 is the price.  I'm looking for a budget amp solution that doesn't use the microphone out.  So I may go with the clunky CCK solution, and of courses get the right cable to go from the the CCK to the K1. That was a pretty dumb oversight on my part.

    But the CCK + micro-usb costs nearly as much as the K1.  :frowning2:  
    K1: $40
    CCK: $29
    micro USB: $5

    So... another question...

    Any other Lighting to amp solutions that would be less than $100 including the cables and be quality enough to not be a waste of using the digital port?
  8. Yobster69
    Well I had heard of cables being made in China, most of which were being discussed on the Chord Mojo thread, that are not official or legit but which were incorporating the necessary chip that comes in the CCK cable, so I done a little investigation. Most of these cables are rather pricey, but then I come across one made by Fiio! And low and behold.......

    It's called the L19, looks like it's only available in China but Penon Audio stock them, £30.00, and they are a very trusted supplier. I think this may be the golden ticket :)
  9. originalsnuffy
    The L19 is specifically for a particular FIIO unit.  It is NOT a general cable. First hand experience.  I purchased one and it was non functional.  Penon "chided" me for purchasing a cable for generalized purposes that was in fact a specialized cable when I inquired about its non functioning.
  10. mehdikh423
    No.i bought it and work perfectly with iphone 6 plus and chord mojo
  11. originalsnuffy

    Well, that is good news for sure.  I tried to use it with two DAP units that can acts also as DAC/AMPS, and the phone did not recognize either unit with the L19.
  12. originalsnuffy
    Here is a nice Meenova cable that I have tested with the iphone 6 plus and Chord Mojo.
    The iphone definitely recognizes units that are attached to the cable; but some DAC/AMPS that were tested required too much current to work.  But as noted the Mojo did work:
    Meenova Lightning to MicroUSB Cable. SKU: ms-lmc-6i-bk.
    Usesr can order it from amazon if buyer is in US.
    Or they can order it from international buyer:
  13. DeanKeith
    The FiiO L19 is probably my safest bet, but It's $30 everywhere I've found it and I would really pay a lot for expedited shipping too (or have to wait). I'm kind of wanting this soon as my new headphones will arrive Thursday. . It also looks like the L19 may not fit if my phone has a case on it.

    So I'm going to give this a shot: 
    1. FiiO K1
    2. Meenova Lightning-to-MicroUSB Cable
    The Meenova product page shows it with a FiiO Q1, so suuuuurely it will also work with a K1. Worst case, I wasted $13 and will order an F19 and just wait for long shipping.

    I should have them both Friday. [​IMG]

    P.S. Check out my new cans that will be here Thursday: [​IMG] 
    Product Page: HiFiMan HE400i
  14. DeanKeith
    I have an update and it's good news:
    1. FiiO K1
    2. Meenova Lightning-to-MicroUSB Cable
    That combo works perfectly on my iPhone 6s Plus!  No need for CCK!!!!
    Further comments:

    In the Apple Music app it even says "FiiO USB DAC K1" at the bottom of the screen.  There are no controls on the K1, but the volume control on the phone works it just fine.  This amp I guess is a little on the weak end for my HIFIMAN HE400i headphones, as I can listen at full volume without hurting my ears.  But 2 or 3 clicks below full is my comfort volume for most songs, so it's enough.

    I am also surprised how full and rich the sound is with this setup.  Using digital out on my computer into my Yamaha RX-2090 receiver I have to turn on bass extension and boost the bass a bit to get the sound I prefer (which admittedly is a little bass heavy).  But on the iPhone to K1, I am pleased with the sound as is.  I played with the EQ settings on the phone and the best quality sound to my ears was "OFF" which is awesome.

    The downside?  Since the phone is driving the amp with it's power, it drains the battery pretty fast, and you can't charge while using it.  Now I feel the pain that every iPhone 7 user has.  HAHA

    So I guess the next upgrade from here would be the FiiO Q1.  It has it's own battery and you can disable USB charging on it which would prevent it from sucking juice from the iPhone.  Plus it is ALSO an analog amp so you could change the configuration to allow charging your phone while using the amp if you didn't mind double-amping while you charge.  If the next version of the iPhone has wireless charging then this issue would go away.

    Bottom line, I'm happy with this setup.  Thanks to everyone that helped me arrive at this decision.
  15. ExpatinJapan
    Nice job.

    Thanks for your sacrifice.

    Take a look at the CEntrance
    DACportable, one of the better dac/amps on the market.
    Oodles of power, also great for iems, has its own battery too, no need for cck.

    See my review in my signature.
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