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  1. marflao
    Thanks for clarifying it, Jarek.

    So has Larry already integrated the aptx protocol in his "design" phase or does it need to be added (hence further impact on the project plan)?
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  3. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    The quote above is from April 2014

    Are you talking about that item?

    Few companies have burned more customers, blatantly disrespected rivals and failed to keep the words they gave themselves...than this company right here.
    Hidizs, Meze and others have shown how to do this correctly.
  4. miceblue

    You're comparing apples to oranges again with those companies. They all had a working product before the actual campaign. LH Labs did not.
  5. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Don't mind me mice. I need a coffee :wink:
    I ended up for some reason on the page from 2014 thinking it was today's posts. Then realized the front page was talking about the item from 3 years ago ( I think?) i go back one page and a MOT is talking about ticket reply stuff and it is like going back to 2014 and that desktop amp that had folks with blood in their eyes from rage about among other things...opening tickets. non reply, deletion of critical posts etc and one page back it seems that 3 years has not changed, taught, improved much.

    I am outta here

    I ended up in 2014 with no coffee. I am outta here. good luck to you folks :)
  6. stuck limo
    No, it's loaded onto the hardware from the very beginning with the rest of the firmware, etc. So it doesn't take any additional time. However, it's not as simple as just "turning it on." You have to license it first, so you have to call CSR. You have to discuss the contract and terms of licensing. Let's assume this was an unexpected expense in LH's budget --- they probably had to move around money from different accounts (I don't know, I'm just spitballing here) to pay for the licensing fee. The contract had to be signed. CSR probably had to confirm things on their end. LH had to confirm things on their end. It was never really a hardware issue. We couldn't confirm 100% that we were going to have aptX installed because the contract hadn't been signed. Businesses don't tend to announce things before a tentative agreement is signed or discussed. We had absolutely nothing to my knowledge. We had to start over from scratch this morning and figure out the licensing deal. That's why I stated on IGG to give us a day or two to investigate adding aptX --- because it was going to take time due to this being a business agreement, not just simply a hardware issue.
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  7. wingsounds13
    If LH Labs has a signed licensing deal in one business day, this would be moving phenomenally fast. Even if they have a license offer that is yet to be signed, this is pretty dam fast. Larry is serious about shipping this product (and all others too). Now, if only he could move this fast with the rest of the development. :xf_eek:

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  8. stuck limo
    We have about 5 Wave boards made right now they're shipping us. We are waiting for the others.
  9. wingsounds13
    As a wild guess, the pics of the board look like the Wave XD flavor. Maybe not, but they are built with dual DAC chips, hard to say about the rest.

    I do wonder how long we will have to wait for the Wave 64 and X128 types to build and ship these beta test boards.

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  10. stuck limo
    It is my understanding that is the XD board.
  11. Audio Addict Contributor
    @stuck limo was very helpful in getting my Infinity v2.0 repaired and shipped back to me. It arrived back today after 3 months and I have it re-hooked up connected to 2 other amplifiers and it is playing nicely. One reboot of the PC and everything sync up.

    Thank you Jarek.
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  12. sonickarma
    My yearly check in 2017, still no Geek Wave? See you again in another year - WTF!!
  13. smial1966
    Hahaha best thread post by far. Tragic but true! :L3000:

  14. Shawnb
  15. germay0653
    Certainly appears to be the Source but too bad the pics are labelled Vi Dac! :deadhorse:

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