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  1. rcoleman1
    SMH. Whatever.
  2. Zojokkeli
    @stuck limo Any updates regarding the Ticket system? I've been waiting answer to my tickets a long time.
  3. stuck limo
    I'm doing what I can on my own. We are working on getting 1-2 other people in there but it's a long process, mainly due to timing. I get the frustration. Hopefully we'll catch up soon.
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  4. Hercules
    Jarek I told you stirring up the mybigccommerce issue was a wrong move, as the order entered into system by Gina one by one, if you don't have the people to handle it, you will be flooded with the ticket.
  5. stuck limo
    I don't remember seeing that advice anywhere, but the decision wasn't mine to make regardless. Anyway, we're working on getting someone in there specifically to only handle the BigCommerce tickets. I'm working on sorting out all the tickets and flagging the BigCommerce tickets into their own folder. Also, I've begun to actually work individual BigCommerce tickets as well and am learning that system the more I use it.
  6. georgelai57
    One in a blue moon, I check this thread hoping for some kind of creditors arrangement as I’d be happy to take 50 cents on the dollar.
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  7. marflao
    @stuck limo :
    this aptX topic should really be clarified.

    Can´t be so difficult to let us know if bluetooth functionality is provided via aptX or not (aptX HD is definitely off the table as far as I understood your comments at IGG so far).
    If aptX is not provided then you guys need to come with a good reason....and blaming it as a misunderstanding from your formerly marketing team won´t do the trick.

    As I mentioned already at IGG....we had those false advertisements in the past and I´m honestly sick of it.

    So I wouldn´t wonder if Wifi standards have changed too (from 802.11 a/b/n to only a/b?!?!?).
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  8. stuck limo

    As stated on IGG in the comments:

    Ever since Shawn pointed out the mistake, we have not said yes/no on aptX either way. We have not stated it's NOT available, and we didn't state it WAS available. As I stated, we are working on resolving the issue. When we have a definitive answer, we will let you know. Right now, things are looking positive, but I don't have 100% confirmation on "yes" or "no". Larry wasn't aware aptX was offered as a perk, due to various reasons he may or may not decide to touch on. The error was pointed out last night, so give us a day or two to research into the issue and see for a 100% "yes" or a 100% "no". NOTHING is confirmed at this point, and Larry at this moment is investigating with the team and CSR who we have to license the technology from. So again, please don't panic or assume the worst until you hear a 100% "no" --- because it's definitely not a "no" at this point. It's a "probably yes" and when we get a 100% confirmation (either way) we'll update that on IGG. We're working on getting the backers what they paid for in any way we possibly can. Again, I'll confirm with him on the wifi standards and we'll post that information with the aptX update on IGG as soon as we have a solid answer. If it's a "no", we'll deal with that when the time comes and come up with some sort of solution for backers. Please don't automatically assume things will head that direction though, because we aren't thinking that direction at this point.
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  9. marflao
    I responded to that on IGG.
    This is definitely another big joke.
  10. rpm604
    I appreciate how well you're handling everything. People here are being pretty rude and I can tell that you're doing the best you can. I plan on using wired cans with my Wave, and my phone has aptX, so I'll be fine either way.

    Guys, I've been scammed on crowdfunding projects before, this is definitely not that. If these people wanted to disappear with the money, or produce a crap product, they could have done it years ago.

    There are mistakes, we are all human, we all make mistakes. Try and have some empathy. It'll arrive when it arrives, and no sooner.
  11. mandrake50
    I am afraid that you have no clue. Try reading this entire thread, or even everything on the IICG site.
    You did say a couple of things that are true. People are being rude, but may just be somewhat justified based on everything that has gone on to date.

    "It'll arrive when it arrives, and no sooner" Seems pretty obvious to even the very slow among us. Good job at stating the obvious!

    But quite frankly, and for good reason, most feel that at this point, the time that has passed is extremely unacceptable. Worse is that many question whether it ever will be delivered.
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  12. rpm604
    Thank you!

    Let me go on to state more obvious things.

    1) Whining on a forum will not help produce a DAP.

    2) Stress is bad for your general health and well-being, and being emotionally invested in the production delays is just adding to the overall cost of this music player. How much is your time worth? How many hours will you spend consumed with frustration about this?

    3) There was never a guarantee that this product would ship, ever. Crowdfunding is a gamble, always. Sometimes it's smooth, sometimes it's not. Now, that isn't how they SELL it to you. They like to make it seem like it's a quick and easy process... But you can't blame LHLabs for the state of all business in the world. We live in a world full of marketing. Buyer beware.

    Call me a stoic if you want. No fussing will get my Wave in my mailbox/hands any faster. I'm just trying to save everyone some time and energy, including these customer service people.

    Now, it's important to check in, ask questions - like this aptX thing. But then move on. Go watch Netflix, or hug your kids, or call your mom. Go for a walk. Do something that matters to you. I swear you'll be happier in the short run and the long run.
  13. stuck limo
    Bluetooth 4.1 aptX is CONFIRMED. Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/n CONFIRMED. Thanks for all your patience and understanding regarding this situation.
  14. m-i-c-k-e-y
  15. wingsounds13
    Very well stated @rpm604. This almost exactly mirrors my feelings on the subject and states them better than I ever have.

    I too am awaiting delivery of several items from the LH Labs indiegogo campaigns. Waiting in excess of 3 1/2 years is outrageous, but there is nothing that anyone outside of LH Labs can do about it. No amount of ragging on them will help. At best it will do nothing, at worst, it will slow them down. The only thing left to do is to watch and wait, and keep posting as things like the AptX issue are found to keep them honest. Not that they are truly dishonest, but everyone makes mistakes now and then.

    As I have said numerous times, I am certain that Larry absolutely intends to deliver all products backed in the campaigns. LH Labs and Larry would have just disappeared years ago if this were not true. Another factor is that LH Labs is Larry's baby and he will do everything that he can to keep it from failing. Unfortunately, while he has an excellent ear, is determined to deliver the best audio equipment that he can and is at least a very good, if not excellent engineer, evidence is that he is a terrible manager. He really needs to hire a manager for the company who can take care of the vast majority of the business activities while Larry spends most of his time doing what he does best - developing high end audio products. I believe that he has tried this, but has had bad luck with the few business managers that he has hired. Apparently, good help really is hard to find. I wish him the best of luck in this business venture and hope that LH Labs stays around for at least two to three years after all of their indiegogo campaign products have been delivered - in the very least to be available to service the inevitable equipment failures that all manufacturers experience. If they can last that long, I am sure that they will last much longer.


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