LH Labs' gorgeous Vi Dac ( Tube + SS outputs )

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by bmichels, Feb 7, 2015.
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  1. Khragon
    Haha asked again for specific number of past, as in should of already happened, even then LH can't/won't give a clear answer. That should be all the indication anyone need. The answer is zero, zip, none have been shipped to IGG backers, other wise we would see happy posts from receivers already.
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  2. Muinarc
  3. jsiegel14072
    Vi Dac New Chassis Option + Shipping News - 11/01/17
    Modified on: Wed, 1 Nov, 2017 at 5:00 PM

    1. We are designing a new chassis option that will be easier and faster for manufacturing. The design is not finalized yet, but we've been working on it the past 2-3 weeks. The front panel and side designs will be tweaked, and Larry will make sure it looks and sounds just as good as the original design backers purchased. When we debut it, backers can choose to take that chassis over the original one they purchased, so their Vi Dac will arrive sooner.

    2. We just shipped out 8 Vi DAC Solid State units and 2 Tube units. Next 2 weeks should be another 8 of them (solid state) shipped. We are still on schedule for around 15-20 per month for the solid sate units.

    3. We ask any Vi DAC Tube backers make sure all their information is listed on their BigCommerce account. If it's not, please open a ticket and we'll add that for you. (no exact timeline on tickets, per usual)

    Again, thanks for your patience over this and we'll update when we have more information over the new chassis and other aspects of the campaign.

    Poor Jarek,
    He doesn't know how many stories he is juggling. Waiting for the answer to simple questions:

    Why is the chassis changing? We just got the second vendor up to speed?

    posted by LH LabsJul 28, 2017 • 10:53AM
    3 months ago
    Dear Vi Tube backers,

    As you could see in pictures. More and more pretty "Tube" version of Vi Chassis have been made successfully. The surface is smooth and with nice gun metal color 100% stick to the original design. The problematic part especially internal machine mark is gone due to the new tooling. And now the chassis production speed is stabling itself. Every batch will be 20 ~ 30 that meet the final standard. And the whole package will be shipped to our lab for the assembly and test.

    Our top priority is to catch up the Tube version Vi DAC delivery. If you need to update your shipping address, please go to support.lhlabs.com and open a ticket. We will love to do that.

    Thank you so much for your patience and we are very happy to see more and more tube backers will start to get their Vi DAC in next 10 days.

    LH Labs

    Most manufacturers,
    1) need to know how many they have to build
    2) then take the design (assuming they had a product designed to sell in step 1) and calculate the number of parts needs to build that number (with production fall out factored in )
    3) then set about producing (ordering parts, fabing machined parts and PCB's, ordering long lead time components, then assembling, testing/calibrating and shipping in specially designed packaging) .

    i am not sure they have finished step one, since the new big commerce platform (third one i think) has hundreds of tickets against the orders.
    I know i spent several weeks with Gina trying to get the orders in the system to the configurations sold in the indiegogo campaign. Not sure who is working on that since she was let go.
    I have 4 open tickets for other campaigns they haven't loaded orders for.

    Somehow they are still shipping SS units even though they were 95% complete in July.

    They are not running a manufacturing operation like Schiit, they are running a hobby shop
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  4. doctorjazz
    I'm not sure I'm on the "Big Commerce Account"...I have submitted info for my Vi Tube DAC SE a number of times, including an on line spread sheet. I sent a message via a ticket 2 days ago to ask for help on this. Didn't hear back yet...
  5. MikeyFresh
    Hey Doc - I think they mean http://marketplace-lhlabs.com ...aka their Marketplace.

    So if you can login there and see your orders, at least you have that part squared away.
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  6. stuck limo
    Right, and if you can't log in, let us know by starting a ticket and we can create you an account if necessary from our end.
  7. sjp770
    I jumped on the big commerce site the same day we were asked, and logged just the one job stating there was no order in the system. Just checked then and my order is still not there. How long till that's fixed, and how can they be shipping any units if they haven't even gotten this sorted yet?
  8. stuck limo
    I was able to screen grab it and send it to Larry. Trust me, I'm trying to get you guys more information in the updates.
  9. wwyssh
    Guess even talking about the post is out of the line??

    Anyways we'd stick on this thread until everything got resolved.
  10. marflao
    Yeah... besides that most of us have the post still in their inbox I think Larry should be made aware of what is going on (how backers feel).
    Not sure if he can manage a "turnaround" of trust.. and a rebuild of his reputation.

    Thanks again for your support.
  11. Jimster480
    So did this product ever materialize?
    I notice their website is basically broken in many ways, products have disappeared and even on amazon most of their stuff is not available outside of their little USB stick DAC/Amp which I looked at in the past.
  12. stuck limo
    I'm already formulating the next update based on the recent negative reaction. I think a Q&A may be in order with some other in-depth material/details. I do what I can, guys.
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  13. shimrod
    Latest update: "We just shipped out 8 Vi DAC Solid State units and 2 Tube units."

    The question is, are these shipping to backers or new retail customers? None of the backers on IGG or here are reporting receiving equipment. LH has a history of pursuing retail sales first and fulfilling crowdfunding backers last, if ever.
  14. sjp770
    We NEED photographic proof. Please.
  15. stuck limo
    I agree 100% and am working on getting that for you guys. Unfortunately, I'm halfway across the country or I'd just walk in and take pictures and post them.
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