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Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by lifemovingforwa, May 6, 2015.
  1. jandr272
    I think it was that specific unit that was faulty. Bought a V2+ that has 2.1 and it works fine with my iPhone.
  2. M3NTAL
    Does anyone have a recommendation for a 6ft + USB cable for the V2+ / Go2Pro? I had one laying around that didn't seem to work with my laptop.
  3. freitz
    Seems these are still out of stock
  4. stuck limo
    Unfortunately, there's no timeline on getting either the 2A or the GO2Pro back in stock. It seems the crowdfunded manufacturing is taking precedent over the typical Marketplace items.
  5. runningwitit
    Not to change the subject, but I have recently received my Onkyo dpx1a and I use it as a source instead of my iPhone. I just wanted to say the the sound quality I hear through the headphones from my V2+ Infinity is shockingly AMAZING! I no longer have to play it at high volume to listen to specifics and the sound is spread all over the place! Layers, Layers and more Layers! Don't get me wrong, with the iPhone it sounded nice; but this is on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!!! LH Labs is at a stand still, but still the best !!
  6. jandr272
    This is where I start getting confused by hi-fi. If the V2 is the DAC, then why would source matter? As long as the files are the same, the decoding into analog sound that we hear should be the same.

  7. runningwitit
    Sorry for the non technical reply, but the ears don't lie. It must be magic!! Lol (no offense). Hopefully someone who knows the technical details would shed some light on this subject!
  8. NoGainToBeHad
    Anybody know how I can get firmware v2.1 for my V2+SE? LH support is non existent and I can't get a hold of Larry.
  9. runningwitit
    Message Stucklimo, he will take it from here.
  10. NoGainToBeHad
  11. reddington
    I got a V2+ which is still on fw 1.0. Can anyone please comment on the advantages of upgrading the fw to 1.5 or 2.1. Yes, I have read through what I can on this thread but would love to hear from someone who has gone through the process.

    Also, how do I go about acquiring the files? I have already messaged Larry, since it seemed like the fastest way as per some posts on the thread.
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  12. jbr1971
    Has anyone tried using a GO2PRO (2.1 firmware) with a Galaxy S8/S8+?

    I just received a new S8+ for my new job and I am trying to use it with my GO2PRO SE, however I am running into issues with getting audio to pass through, or pass through at the proper volume.

    I bought a nice custom silver OTG micro-USB to micro-USB cable, and USB-C OTG adapters, and the S8+ recognizes the GO2PRO as an audio output device (most of the time).

    However, UAPP will not play anything, no matter what file types/formats I try. Tidal will at least play files I have saved through offline download (most of the time), but the volume is extremely low. I have to turn it up to almost maximum to get decent volume.

    I am new to Android so I am wondering if there is some setting tucked away I missed (I looked quite thoroughly), or known behavior.


    I tried changing a couple of settings in the Developer Mode options per some other threads I found, but no change.

    I have an LG X Power phone that I ordered a few days before I received my job offer, but never got around to returning.

    I tried it with the new silver cable as this phone has a micro-USB port, and UAPP is working great with it.

    The issues I am having are either with settings in the S8+, the OTG adapter, or a combination of the two. Looks like I will be keeping the X Power after all to use as my good portable rig, and use the S8+ for commuting, etc when I am not worried about critical listening.

    If anyone has any ideas about the S8+ I would still be glad to try them as I would like to do everything from one phone.
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  13. Mshenay Contributor
    This one's pretty easy, the iPhone is a cell phone. It's primary function is to draw noise to itself in the form of RF. Yes Airplane mode does decrease some of that RF interference, but there's still quite a lot of RF Noise present and that noise is carried from your iPhone into your dac, via both power and data lines which ultimately kinda screws with the overall resolve.

    Switching into a dedicated DAP gets a MUCH cleaner digital source for both power and data transmission

    Ironically though I only use my V2+ with my Cell Phone... I literally have no other purpose for it and despite the RF noise passing from my LG V20 into the GO v2+ I'm continually impressed with it's resolve!

    Though the timbre is starting to bother me more and more these days... even with the Green Filter I find there's a lot of hardness in the upper mid range... but I've kinda always known that. Really this unit is MOST impressive using it's balanced output with my Nhoord Red V1, a real mid focused headphone tune'd a lot like the classic Grado R1i, I imagine you HD 650 owners also enjoy a similar experience as I do

    I'm thankful that even after upgrading my daily drivers to the HD 800 & Audeze LCD 2 Pre Fazor R2.2, I still find my self very pleased with the pairing of my GO V2+ with my Noohrd Red V1
  14. runningwitit
    I found that the noise coming from the iPhone going through my V2+/Revive outputting to my iems in balanced mode was pretty loud. It would get so bad to my ears that I just took the plunge and ordered a dap. Yes, the V2+ sounds nice with the iPhone, but it's a whole other world with a dap! Your description of the sound difference by trashing the iPhone and going to a dap as the source is right on point!
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  15. Durza
    Does anybody have Firmware v1.5 for the geekout v2+? I'm currently on v1.0 and I'd really like to hear the new filters.
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