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LH Labs Geek Out v2+ Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by lifemovingforwa, May 6, 2015.
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  1. Lifemovingforwa
    I think this deserves it's own Thread. I think this is going to be a big product because it fits a real niche in the market place. A amazing DAC and AMP that is Battery Powered and will interface with iOS Apple and Android products. I was waiting on something like this so I have purchased one in Pre-order. I would like to suggest you take a look! Thanks LH Labs!
    Geek Out V2+
  2. Lifemovingforwa
  3. Poimandres
    Curious to see how the resin holds up. Good luck I am done with geek.
  4. Currawong Contributor
    Since it seems some people weren't aware, I'd just like to remind people that we don't allow referral links on Head-Fi. [​IMG]
  5. RareArtists
    Like many others, I'm excited by the idea of this super portable unit, so I also pre-ordered the GO v2+ last night...  
    Being new to this world of highish-end portables, I have a few power related questions which might be obvious to others....
    Is it yet clear how the unit charges?  With wall charger or USB or both?
    In addition to the battery, will it be possible to power the v2+ while in use via USB like the regular GO v2 ?   Or, power with wall charger while in use?
    thanks for helping a newb understand the basics!
  6. Lifemovingforwa
    They have not said yet how it get charged but I would be surprised if it was not USB and no wall charger. USB would be the most convenient way of charging and if you look close you can see what looks like a mini USB port on the top or bottom.
    It will most likely run while charging and be able to use USB to do so. I say this because it's competitors all do this so it would be odd for it to not for the price. It would no longer compete with the other devices in it's class.
    This is all speculation the questions you are asking are good ones and are being asked on the LH LAB forum.
  7. ModMax
    I too am curious if you can use the device while it is charging.  According to the site for the V2+, it says that it is powered by the internal battery, but no where does it say that you can also power it through the USB.  This leads me to believe that if the battery has no charge, then it is unusable and that the USB is only for charging the battery and not powering the device.
    I hope they clarify this soon.
    Also, I wonder if the V2+ amp section can be bypassed so that the DAC can use the single-ended/balanced outputs to connect with an external amp... Anybody know this answer?
  8. SoAmusing777
    Hey, noticed the v2+ has two micro USB ports. Can anyone help me understand what they are for? I know one would be to connect to whatever, but what's the other for? Is one strictly for charging? And they say this can be used in the car with the line out, but how would it be connected?
  9. DecentLevi
    As it seems nobody has this unit yet, your best bet on the two misco-USB port question may be to contact LH labs directly.
    In regards to connecting this in your car: The line-out is a 3.5mm SE female jack which you would then connect to your device, depending on what device you are playing music with in your car. Many car radios have a 3.5mm line-in jack, of which you would need to use a 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male cable, or if the input is RCA then you would need a 3.5mm to RCA cable. However IMO, the point of using the likes of a DAC and/or amp for a line input into a car stereo is negated due to the less than optimal acoustic environment of a car stereo - you most likely won't hear any difference as opposed to connecting your car system directly into the music server (player). 
  10. SoAmusing777
    I did contact em. I'll ask the other questions that were asked here as well once I get a reply. 

    So, what if the device is a phone or audio player? How would the chain go? Obviously trying to use the V2+ with the radio is dumb because the quality is crap. 
  11. SoAmusing777
    What if you wanted to use this via USB with your head unit connected to your player? Possible?
  12. DecentLevi
    Yes, if you mean to use the Geek Out v2+ with your cell phone, that is what it was designed for: connect it via micro USB from your cell phone to the micro USB of the v2+ in order to take full advantage of its' DAC and amp, with your balanced or normal headphones connected to the v2. But only Android Lollipop or higher is compatible with the firmware to recognise the Geek Out v2+. Otherwise it just becomes an extra pricey amp, connected to your audio player of choice by 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack -
    Unless of course you use this awesome gem as a DAC and/or amp for your PC. I've heard that with the 100mw gain setting it woks just find connected to a full size amp. And with the fact that it's battery powered I would be interested in reading a review of somebody has tried connecting it this way to possibly gain a cleaner sound being that it's electrically isolated.
  13. SoAmusing777
    Don't see why it takes lollipop to get audio. 
  14. DecentLevi
    That's because only Android Lollipop version or newer has the firmware needed to support the digital audio out to the Geek Out, or for any DAC for that matter. Taken from the main page of the v2+:
    Device Compatibility
    Geek Out V2+ is the master of adaptability. Leveraging it's own dedicated 3100mAH Lithium-Ion battery power supply, we've designed it to be compatible with iOS (with Apple Camera Kit), Android Lollipop 5.0 & USB 2.0 audio class compatible devices without draining your source devices power.
  15. zach915m
    I went for it.  I just like the fact that you can use it with a phone and your computer.  It'll work with a phone....right!?
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