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Thanks, but that seems like too much for portable use. :frowning2:
This dongle (by itself) didn’t work for me. The lightning port only charges the phone, so it still gives the error.

I got a split usb cable and connected one end to the dongle and the other to a portable battery. This works for my GO
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Recently I got this used unit but the battery was expanded which pushed out the metal plate, so I decided to replace the battery. The stock battery is 3200mah 3.7v, I am not too sure about the stock battery thickness since it has expanded so badly (pic 2) but the dimension is 70mm x 43mm. My guess would be 7mm for the stock thickness, I don't think 8mm fits but I might be wrong.

I couldn't find a 3200 mah battery that fits the casing so I got a 3.7v 2500 mah battery off eBay, the size is 72x40x7mm, which is a bit longer than the stock one and couldn't fit inside the case at first as the circuit board is in the way of the battery. So I removed a part of the plastic casing (pic 3) which gives the circuit board more room and now it fits. If you want to replace the battery without cutting off the plastic piece, get a battery under 70mm.


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The model number and capacity is written on the battery. Google it.
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The model number and capacity is written on the battery. Google it.
They either take a month to arrive or I need to buy in bulk so I got something similar on eBay, as long as it works I ain't complaining haha
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Looking for help-I still use my Geek Out Special Edition (with LPS and the digital decrapifier LH lab had for a while). I play music off a PC, using JRiver. I just tried, and the LH Labs isn't listed in JRiver as a possible output (I believe that means the drivers have somehow disappeared). I can't find them on line, anyone know how I can get it working again?
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Thanks, Mickey, those files just disappear every once in a while and I can't find them on my computer or online. Looks like it worked well.
Thanks again!
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Well unfortunately the usb input died and the single ended output just came off with the pcb contacts when dissaessmbling to trouble shoot
Yep...Mine was working perfectly .. I plugged in a faulty cord to power my lps4 and blew the power supply in the S. E. Pulse.... in the shop now getting repaired along with fixing the grounding issue on lps4 it had from factory..

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