LH Labs Geek Out v2 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by lonelyers, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. rigo
    Okay so one more thing before I upgrade. If I go line out to a separate headphone amp am I able to control the volume on the amp?
  2. foreverzer0
    If it were an integrated amp that had it's own volume control..

    Edit: actually most if not all headphone amps have volume controls, so yes.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
  3. willowbrook
    Wasn't really a bug or problem in the first place. It makes sense to get rid of volume control from Windows and driver or else what's the point of implementing physical volume control anyway? You can always control volume via 3rd-party software though.
  4. foreverzer0
    depends on use-case; so theoretically you would max out the volume to line-level to your headphones and use in-app volume control, for each app? that's horrible if any other app or the os itself made a sudden chime or noise. I use mine in a work environment with chat etc in the background and typically use my magic keyboard for volume, song control, and muting when someone comes to tell me something.
  5. stuck limo
    No, this is ONLY if you have grounding issues or a loop issue in the first place. If you have none of those, a regular balanced cable from the unit will work fine. No extra cable is needed.

    I don't understand why no one (including Larry) has made this clear yet to the general public. He just dumped this information out there with the latest update and didn't explain this was ONLY for people who already had issues. Then everyone else jumped on it and started passing it around as a necessity to run the amp.
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  6. Roen
    How do you do it via software? I can only do it via device.
  7. willowbrook
    I meant 3rd-party software like a music player or internet browser etc.
  8. manukmanohar
    Had a query with regards to the 2.1 firmware on my geekout v2+.

    I'm going to use it on balanced out with my He-560. Have heard that the pairing works best on high gain mode. So, to achieve high gain, (I listen at low to medium volumes usually, around 70-80 db), should I decrease the software volume on the media player, and then increase the volume through my geekout v2+, to reach high gain mode?

    Any other way to achieve this. The only problem is the approach which I'm looking at goes against the common recommendation of putting the software volume at 100% and then adjusting volume on the amp. Would really appreciate your help on this.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2017
  9. willowbrook
    I'm afraid no other way because gain is automatic now. Either low software volume and high gain or vice versa.
  10. Roen
    I hate the fact that you have to choose between line-out and manual gain
  11. GoodEnoughGear
    On firmware v.1.5 just max out the volume and you have line out - no digital attenuation. And you get 2-3 gain levels to choose from depending if you have infinity/SE versions. The only 'catch' is high gain and medium gain (4v, 2.68v) may be a bit hot for single ended gear, and the low gain (1.26v) may be a bit weak.

    Another issue is I am not aware of anyone downgrading back to 1.5 successfully. You're stuck on 2.1 if you update.
  12. Roen
    I have downgraded and upgraded between 1.5, 2.0 and 2.1.

    Wouldn't you need to set the gain at high in addition to maxing out the volume?

    If so, what is the difference between line out mode in 2.1 and max volume - high gain in 1.5?
  13. manukmanohar
    My GO V2+ has developed an issue with the power button. It seems the power button is no longer functioning and the device is always on.
    Has anyone faced this issue, and fixed it by themselves.
    I'm in India, and sending this to the company for fixing would be very difficult for me :/

    Any help or suggestion or workaround to fix this would be great, and highly appreciated.
  14. GoodEnoughGear
    Gain is not the same as volume - there are many amplifiers that have multiple gain levels for line outs, especially in the professional world where there are several reference levels. See the following article on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Line_level .

    TL;DR Line level is essentially no attenuation. You need to look at your chain for level-matching if you do have gain control. In terms of 2.1, line out mode is 3.6v max single ended - usually consumer gear works on a 2v standard so that may be hot.
  15. Roen
    I understand that, but I am looking to understand what is the equivalent setting in 1.5 vs. line-out mode in 2.1
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