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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. 6Channel
    "Attachment scheme" is a convoluted trick whereby you plug in a "dummy" 3.5mm device (like the impedance adapter jack or a short 3.5mm extension cord) when music is selected so that the phone's audio output thinks the load is "infinite", thereby triggering the HQ output in the quad DAC. Then, when you plug in your low-impedance 'phones the HQ output thinks it's actually hooked to a high-impedance device. Lots of folk just keep the little impedance adapter jack in all the time, but for some power-hungry 'phones it reduces available volume. Or not (YMMV).

    Search this entire thread for other good tricks - and even more on the V30 thread!
  2. good sound
    Yes, with the Sens that is all you will need to do to activate high impedance mode. Even then I'm not certain how well the V20 will drive that kind of load. I don't think the primary intent of the designers was for the V20 to drive that high of an impedence with any real authority.

    Any headphone presenting a load of 50 ohms or higher will initiate high impedance mode. The reason the instructions suggest both a short adaptor cable and a higher impedance adapter plug is because that will allow you to remove the adaptor plug, which will preserve the fidelity(I heard a big difference in sound quality if the adaptor plug was left in) , and maximises output. Plug the short extension cable into your phone first, then plug the adaptor plug, any value over 50 ohms will do, into the extension cable, then plug your headphones into the adaptor plug. This will enable high impedance mode. Then unhook you headphones and the adaptor plug from the extension cable leaving the extension cable plugged into the phone. Then plug your headphone cable, without the adaptor plug back into the extension cable and you're golden.
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  3. Dartin Bout
    The article failed to mention the importance of impedance. The DAC only engages one circuit below 50 ohm and increases as the impedance increases to a total of all 4 above 150. The common 32 ohm headphone is wasted on the V20. If anybody wants to try this comparison, try a $5 pair of VE Monk's prepare your soul for ascension .
  4. Dartin Bout
    There is good science underlying this DAC and it will drive 50 to 300 ohm headphones fairly well. https://www.androidauthority.com/lg-v20-quad-dac-explained-713587/
  5. ratdog
    Thanks Guys....Too bad you need to keep the extension cable in. It would be nice if it kept memory of the higher impendence.
  6. good sound
    Keep the extension cable very short and of good quality and you shouldn't notice any difference in sound quality. For me it was the impedance adaptor that really negatively affected the sound.
  7. Hooster
    I use the V20 with ath-m50x headphones sometimes. The are only 38ohms but the sound is great. I would not bother trying to trick the V20 into thinking the headphones are higher impedance.
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  8. Starfinder
  9. LightBlue77
    choose low, e.g. up to 40ohms, impedance headphones then you won't need to worry.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2019
  10. ezzony
    Managed to install Dolby4Atmos on my rooted V20 and I just love the surround sound effect on Movie mode with my HD6XX. As you may know the soundstage on the Senns are on the narrow side for open cans and it's really cool to have this albeit artificial effect as an option with them. I wouldn't be one for widening the sound field though software usually but the Dobly version is really good.
  11. Starfinder
    Is there a guide on how to do this?
  12. ezzony
    To install the Dolby app is easy but you need to be rooted. Getting rooted is not easy and yes there is a guide. It would be a bit off topic to go into it here, you'd need check out XDA. If you are rooted I can link you the Dolby app I used that worked for me?
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