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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. ezzony
    Hey I also have the wonderful KSC75. They show up as high impedance on my v20. Do they for you also? I had to upgrade the cable on them which has a mic and I'm wondering if that is the reason, as in-line remotes can trigger high impedance mode. I'm just curios if they naturally trigger high impedance with the stock cable.
  2. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Amazon has them. You don't need a month. :v::wink:
  3. Starfinder
    I have lost FM radio and have a loose jack socket, do you think replacing the jack an aliexpress will fix it, do you think it will deg
  4. waveriderhawaii
    Pretty sure the headphones act as the antennae, so replacing the jack will probably fix it.
  5. 6Channel
    Update to my Aug posts indicating FM tuner is now monaural: many contacts with LG & TMobile made me discover I'd been upgraded from Nougat to Oreo, and it's irreversible; furthermore, Ft. Worth repair center says I'm never gonna get my FM tuner restored on a V20 with Oreo update. I just bought a brand new V30 with Nougat that works perfectly, but on the first day it says Oreo is in the update queue. I'll be sure to NEVER expose the device to TMob service or WiFi (no sim card installed). No Tidal or Qobuz for me, I guess. Just a word of wisdom to the very few who use this thing as a music player only.

    [Side note: V30 sounds superb, but quite different from the V20]
  6. Dannemand
    I have V30+ (T-Mobile H932UBK) on latest Oreo 20s. I never listen to radio, but just tried the FM Radio app after seeing your post. It plays in perfect stereo, pretty decent quality too.

    Nougat is really old, and Oreo has been almost perfect on V30. Just go check the head-fi V30 threads or the XDA V30 forum: Nobody uses or recommends Nougat.

    Pie just came out for V30 in recent months (H932 being the last) and I'd be more careful about that, with some mixed reports. That said, you can always roll back: No V30 model has gone ARB1 yet (Anti-RollBack) not even on Pie.
  7. Hooster
    Wrong I use it and recommend it 100%. I have updates turned off so I need not worry.
  8. Hooster
    In what way? I would love to know.
  9. Dannemand
    Understood, I stand corrected. I don't recall you posting in any of the V30 threads recommending Nougat over Oreo, but I could have overlooked it. Did you have a bad experience with Oreo on your V30?

    I guess I should have said "I haven't seen anybody recommend Nougat in any of the V30 threads in almost a year" since of course there will always be some users.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
  10. Hooster
    That's cool. I have a V20, not V30.
  11. Starfinder
    I have the mass drop version which has a mic inline on the stock cable, but I believe all versions trigger high impedence mode.
  12. Dannemand
    Good for you. But not sure why you then felt the need to correct me, assuming you actually read my post or the one I replied to, which were clearly about V30 :unamused:

    Anyways, over and out.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
  13. 6Channel
    I assume owing to new DAC & SoCs on V30: many subtle differences in the way my familiar music is presented, including a little "harder" sound, a little less bass impact, a little less "air", but I'm not going to quibble - V30 still sounds great. I guess I should throw in "a little less dynamic punch", again not to quibble - in addition to the new DAC & SoC (& who can be sure what else?) - my reloaded Neutron is an updated version, and I'm not certain how much to attribute to IT, since I'm not sure if I've effectively zero'd out all of the sound enhancement stuff they include in the download. Not quibbling.
    Hooster likes this.
  14. Dannemand
    Make sure you check the Sound preset and Digital filter options in the Quad DAC settings page when you compare. I prefer Normal and Sharp, respectively, but some people prefer filters with more or less pre- and post-ringing. I understand V20 had a fixed filter, which I assume would have been the Sharp one, but I don't know.

    Also, I highly recommend studying @csglinux's opening post linked below -- and that entire thread whenever you have time. Zeroing out any processing by Neutron and making sure Redbook 16/44 doesn't go through the Android Mixer is pretty much all you need to do software-wise. The rest is up to the DAC.

    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
  15. Malefoda
    At least my fresh (few dozen of hours) KSC75 headphones with Yaxi ear pads do trigger the high gain mode. I wish they don't, too loud to use the volume range in full. BTW, sound nice and better than the JVCs I've mentioned before, a great light headphones and I guess the headband I'm looking for each day in my mail box will help. Thanks to all who have advised that tiny music maker, a nice match for the V20 and a light combo.
    So the tuner was stereo? I guess we can reach the stations from further away in mono, can't we?
    And now as for my ride in the bus, that's another story. I can live with the KSC75 for a while but I defo need some well isolated headphones and more neutral than the KSC75. Can't cope with in ear, so any other headphones, wired, you can advise in the 100/150€/$ are worth to check.
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