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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. Starfinder
    where did you order from please, I can't find any
  2. good sound
    Amazon.ca. I live in Canada
  3. Starfinder
  4. m-i-c-k-e-y
  5. Starfinder
    thanks ordered
  6. henrylar
  7. Dartin Bout
    I've had this audio dynamo for 3 years, come October. I must have gone through a dozen different batterie,s from all sorts of sources, Amazon, Aliexpress and a site in Singapore where I pad $35 for the 1st of the Li-Po's (they are now much cheaper). I always carry a spare. They all worked. I'm really hard on batteries as I listen to music all day, when I'm away from home, Wired, bluetooth and couple of external DAC's, All the batteries seem to last about a year before they poop out except for the Perfine 6600's. I just ordered 2 4500 Li-Po's from Aliexpress and a new slim back cover that is supposed to provide better cooling. Streaming MLB games really heats the sucker up. This is the 1st phone I've ever had longer then a year primarily because of the DAC and the replaceable battery. I blast it on full brightness, volume turned to "11", LDAC set to high quality. As they said on the 1st battery I got, "Life is Good", I would add that "Music is Life" and this phone(?) is the best portable tech I'll ever likely own.
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  8. LightBlue77
    I've had v30, fiio x5iii, now i own a pioneer xdp-300r which is better but still i get happy listening hours with v20. I am still amazed how good hifiman re2000 sound with it. The portability of a phone with good dac is really joyful.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2019
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  9. Malefoda
    Hi guys,
    as I wanted a DAP for my daily 2 hours bus and needed to upgrade from my Nokia 3210 (yes, I am using it :) ), I've seen a LG V20 as a great cheap used alternative. It's working fine, done the tricks OEM music player/enable 16/44.1 on a rooted former AT&T V20. First, I find the ESS DAC enable is a very light improvement, no way to hear the SQ gain in the bus but only in quiet listening with good headphones.
    Now is my question, as always it's a chain so links must "match" sonically to give the best. I find my Alessandro MS-1 (MS-1000 mod) to be a tad bright with the V20, but it's OK to me I can cope with it. Now I've bought 30USD JVC HA-S500 and it's so muddy bassy unclear with added boost to cymbals I don't like it. I wonder if some Koss KSC75 (which I owned long time ago and remember to be good and far less muddy) are a good pick, said in an other way any know great match for the V20 you can recommend under 50USD?
  10. Starfinder
    KSC75 is great with the v20. For better fit and soundstage, I use mine with the headband mod and yaxipads.
    But on a bus I would personally go with an IEM to isolate the sound of the bus out and the music in. I'm digging the KZ ZSX at the moment but have Blon BL03 is arriving soon.
  11. LightBlue77
    You will not get the best out of v20 by using cheap headphones. Try to go with goods iems for outdoors and bus. E.g. hifiman re600 or re800.
  12. m-i-c-k-e-y
    What they said. The IEM route.

    Not bulky and isolates you with the noise around.
  13. Starfinder
  14. Malefoda
    Thanks guys,
    but sadly I can't stand IEMs :frowning2:
    May buy the KSC75 as a quick replacement.
  15. ezzony
    I realize you prolly got your battery by now but for anyone else those links are the one's I bought and they are genuine. I'm personally delighted with them, I've never had a phone that had lasted so long on a charge ever. Only downside for me is that it took a good month to be delivered to Ireland, but what can you do, the world is big.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2019
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