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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. Signal2Noise
    Audio-wise the V20 & V30 are quite capable and impressive with the so-called quad dac and 3rd party app UAPP. However, I'd still choose a dedicated DAP over a phone any day of the week.
  2. Sulbh
    Why better sound or to save battery?
  3. LightBlue77
    My opinion: the only plus x5iii has is bigger output impedance and balanced output; other than this it is slow, buggy, has small imprecise screen, very poor wifi and sound quality is not better. I like how v20 sounds, android is laser fast, stable, battery lasts longer, you have all the smartphone advantages, camera, internet via mobile network (and wifi of course).
    The problem is this: to have a good android standalone dap that sounds better than v20/v30 one has to pay close or more than the price of these smartphones. Even without android, without streaming, a good dap costs close to v20/v30.
    But for portability, in this price range, to have all these, smartphone and dap features that trully work, i don't think there is a better option. No additional cables or devices unless you want to drive higher impedance headphones but these are not portable. I listen using lcd2 fazor directly from v20 and the output is great, this version of lcd2 is easier to drive compared to classic version. I have an ifi black label dac/amp and the difference is not that obvious for a normal listener, only picky ones will detect details making the difference.
    One more thing, some people on x5iii insist that sound on this dap is good, it just didn't appeal to me, but they didn't try v20 or they tried it with stock players or official apps for tidal, google and so on. Actually the true value of any hifi dac is shown using a good app that directly accesses the dac. Like UAPP. The difference is so obvious that honestly, people just loose much of the quality of sound if for example they go with stock player or tidal app and do not stream tidal via uapp.
    So, if you do not need additiinal amping and find a good used v20, try it. Otherwise you might want to wait until v30 price drops.
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  4. jt25741
    Could not agree more to all your statements. .... the V20 is amazing even after 2 years... the removable battery, IR Remote, FM radio and other things....just makes it one of the most incredible inventions I have experienced. The V20 DAC just sounds great with UAPP. Phones have changed and improved in some ways, but in the ways I value..the V20 reigns supreme for now. Every time I listen to it it amazes me
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  5. seanc6441
    I sold my Hiby R6 and Cayin N5ii and kept my LG V20 (Now getting the V30) if that's any indication.

    It's not neutral (has a brighter tilt and a nice punchy tight bass) but the sound presentation is special. The two daps I tried were slightly darker (or more neutral to some), slightly wider soundstage/stereo separation but did not have the imaging magic of the V20's forward but airy mids. It's more engaging and intinate but has a good space and reaches far.

    One criticism is the low mids can be a little thinner than neutral daps so anything with a bit of a fuller mid range really sings on the V20. But personally I like brighter sigs so I love the signature.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2018
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  6. jt25741
    Your overall assessment of the detailed sig of the V20 is spot on. I will emphasize there is a magic with the DAC in these units (V30 obviously the same) that I have not found... that of transparency, space, detail and engagement. I will also say that although it is slightly on the brighter side of the spectrum, the quality of the signature is fatigue-free and non-straining. I can listen to hours with delight. I am sensitive to many harsh sounding products. But if your ears are not one to like ESS DACs in general, you will not like the V20/V30 either. It is from the same cloth in sound and hyperdetail.
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  7. andrewski
    It is my humble opinion, that when listening to locally stored 16-bit 44.1 wav files (not hi-res), the stock player is far superior to UAPP. More dynamic on the stock player, and more fatigue on UAPP. I am bias towards UAPP, I use it with my dragonfly
  8. gemmoglock
    Hi I am a little late.

    Can anyone recap for bit-perfect output what settings should one use on either Neutron/UAPP? Playing a mix of flac 16/44.1, 24/44.1 and 24/96 etc.

    Also what app should I use to play DSD? Stock LG app?
  9. Caruryn
    With UAPP v20 sounds more studio like,much smoother but with no detail loss and i don't hear any ess glare as with stock player but it is more a matter of preference imo.
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  10. andrewski
    Caruryn, I think you're more right than me. I'm going to stick with uapp for a week, and see if I can go back. Thank you :)

    Also, getting 75 steps in volume instead of 15 is my favourite part of the oreo update :)
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2018
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  11. howdy
    Android 9.0 PIE is coming out soon and I'm still waiting for Oreo. T-Mobile is so Damon slow.
  12. bixby
    I believe foobar 2k mobile is also bit perfect and a fine sounding free player for the V series. It plays my lossless redbook flac and wav just fine.
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  13. kkl10
    Anyone running LineageOS on this thing? Any impact on sound quality?
  14. andrewski
    Um ... er,
    After two weeks using UAPP, I refuse to try the stock player again. It's too analytical.
    Sorry :)
  15. 6Channel
    I finally got a V20 to replace my 7-yr-old Samsung Media Player. I'll avoid my assessment of the V20's audio, other to state that - even in HQ - it fails to provide body & volume to my phones. My question to anyone else who uses this thing as a portable music player with amp is: any ideas on how the heck to buddy the phone to an amp with that crazy power button smack in the middle of the back??
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