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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. seanc6441
    I noticed immediately something sounded off, the dynamics were flat. I thought it was in my mind but I'm still hearing it.

    Is it possible to revert to 7.0 by 'restore factory settings' reset? 8.0 is a nice upgrade but I only use this for audio and 7.0 just sounded better to me.
  2. acia
    how to connect v20 as source to mojo please?

    is it possible to use v20 as say dac for another phone or MacBook please?

    i have selected "usb options" to different settings and still no avail.

    thank you.
  3. acia
    Docomo LG V20 PRO L-01J l01j
  4. bixby
    If anyone needs one, I have the Westone inline impedance adapter with volume which will kick the v20 into high gain mode, $10 shipped, USA only. PM me. SOLD

    FWIW- My ranking of the V20>V10> 6-8 older Android phones and almost every ipod ever made. Mojo with V-10 not significantly better than the V10 for otg use and lots more inconvenient. And no the V20 is not a great source for a nice home setup with speakers or a good pair of cans, a well vetted computer, dac, and amp is significantly better sounding but also lots more $$.

    I use Foobar2k but may be trying some other players again., Android 7. Some MP3 stuff just not sounding that great with Foo, yet wav is very nice.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2018
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  5. dweaver
    Just upgraded my V20 to Oreo and love the LDAC support. I switched to an S9 a while back and while I appreciate it as a phone and liked its LDAC support the V20 just sounds better and now that I get LDAC for my Sony BT phones I think I will switch back to the V20 for a while.
  6. stuck limo
    I have Oreo on my V20 and haven't really noticed anything different. Is this for ALL apps or just certain apps? If the problem was fixed, what did you do? What exactly were the sound differences?
  7. 329161
    A question to those who have updated to Oreo on the v20- which carrier are you with? I'm using the AT&T unlocked version and I can't see the update when I check.
  8. LightBlue77
    Do you use bluetooth headphones? What would be the point if the quad dac is not active? You have the hifi sound via wired cable only.
  9. dweaver
    The best audio experience is definitely with a wired setup. But LDAC offers as close to a wired sound as possible with BT as compared to just Aptx and AptxHD. So I am appreciating the upgrade.

    I am in Canada so I can't offer much insight on how the upgrade works for US carriers unfortunately.
  10. seanc6441
    I think the app I was using for EQ was the problem. It sounded much better on 7.0 (equal to stock sound with more customization) but on 8.0 it seemed to degrade SQ somewhat...

    I've ordered an LG V30 as my main phone now, which will ship with 7.1 so I can test the V30 with the app (RE EQ) against the V30 with the app and see if there's a difference or if my mind is playing tricks on me.
  11. stuck limo
    I have no carrier but I'm on the Sprint version.
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  12. ZeVioleLesLits
    Hello people !

    I have no idea if this has been discovered by anyone but I might have found something interesting regarding the high impedance mode of the v20.
    Basically, I have absolutely 0 earphones/headphones that is above 50 ohms, so it’s impossible for me to trigger it. Today, I paired my Lg V20 with my fiio q1 as an amp just to try and compare the sound of the v20 vs amped with fiio. Then one time, while plugging my iems, i immediately noticed the sound was higher and also clearer. I pushed the volume to max and it was unbearably loud to listen to. I didn’t know what happened, so I removed the plug of my iems then I plugged them back into the phone, and the loud sound disappeared. At max, the volume was just ok, as usual. I tried to reproduce it, searching how I did it, and after 30 min, i found how I did it :

    3.5 plugged into amp
    Plus the other 3.5 end into the v20
    Leave a song running
    Unplug the 3.5 from the v20 and really quickly insert your low impedance earphones/headphones

    Once that’s done, the hifi dac says it’s a regular low amp device, but once you listen to it you realize it’s quite louder and clearer, as if the high impedance mode was activated.

    If anyone could test this on his device and tell me if it works too, or tell me if it has already been discovered by someone in the past (sorry for the useless post if that’s the case), then I’d be thankful.
  13. good sound

    Actually it is not impossible for you to trigger high impedance mode. It is quite simple actually and doing so requires action that is similar to what you did with your FiiO.

    It has been discussed at length multiple times in this thread but I will explain it again.

    To initiate high impedance mode on the V20 you will need a 75ohm adaptor plug with 3.5mm female on.one end and 3.5mm male on the other end. Cheap and easy to find online. You will also need a short female to male 3.5mm extension cable, again cheap and easy to find online.

    Plug the male end of the 75ohm adaptor into the female end of the extension cable, then plug your headphone cable into the female end of the 75 ohm adaptor. Then plug everything into the V20. This will initiate high impedance mode. Unplug the headphone cable from the adaptor, then unplug the adaptor from the extension cable leaving the extension cable plugged into the V20, then plug your headphones back into the extension cable and you are good to go.
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  14. ZeVioleLesLits
    Hey there, thanks for your answer

    I am aware of that work around, it’s just that I’ve never read something like I actually did. It even works without plugging into the fiio or any other source if I switch quickly enough. I was simply wondering if it worked for other people as well, as I find it quite odd that I get a boost in loudness and clarity like that.
  15. Sulbh
    Can someone confirm if v20 is better than budger players like fiio x5iii or hiby r3?
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