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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. one of the reasons i'll go to another oem now that i have shanling m0.
  2. clinkzclinkz
    Hi may I ask a question
    Can anyone give me your output of adb shell dumpsys media.audio_flinger for DSD64 Stereo playing via stock lg music app?
    I am getting:
    Output thread 0xf1061000 type 1 (DIRECT):
    Thread name: AudioOut_2BD
    I/O handle: 701
    TID: 8763
    Standby: no
    Sample rate: 88200 Hz
    HAL frame count: 3552
    HAL format: 0x6 (pcm24)

    Here is the DSD64 Stereo sample I used:
  3. pr0b3r
    Just adding to another victim of poor LG hardware (besides the poor screen quality).

    Mine suddenly died. After a sudden reboot while I was using Facebook, an error came. Tried reflashing an official firmware, encountered an error along the way, unplugged (no other choice), DEAD (no more bootloader/download mode, recovery mode, no power -- totally dead).

    After searching for similar problems, a lot of other users experienced the same thing and ended up buying another phone. Take note; no customization, no bootloader unlock, just pure stock. Common suggestion was a faulty motherboard. Mine was an H990DS variant.
  4. skwoodwiva
    LG soldering/flowing and moisture protection is notoriously bad.
    Phone radio performance too is sub-par to say a Moto.

    I am very pleased with the iphone sound quality yet i would be stymied if i did not rely on android to convey sources to Mega cloud for iphoneX use.
    I think that the right DAC DONGLE is what i need to get 24/192 output
  5. runssical
    Which audio players can play both 24bit and 16bit files without resampling frequencies?

    My research points to Neutron. The LG app is said to do only 24bit audio properly from what I read. Any word on Poweramp?

    Btw, gsmarena is reporting that the V20 now has an August date for Oreo OS update from LG in North America! Apparently this is now official and not mere speculation.
  6. skwoodwiva
    Hiby then UAPP in that order by
  7. Sylmar
    The V30 has come down in price greatly. Might pick one up.
  8. skwoodwiva
    How much? Carrier?
  9. zaqqwerty
    Does hiby play bit-perfect on v20 without external dac?
  10. Sulbh
    Can someone compare this with hiby r3 or other budget daps?
  11. Sylmar
    Dutch carrier. Little more than 500 euro's on a two-year contact.
  12. Mej35
    Just curious, has anyone listened to their IE800's with this phone? How does it pair? Thinking about purchasing the V20 soon. Thanks.
  13. LightBlue77
    try searching this thread but they should sound very good together.
    i considered buying ie800 but the ergonomic problems people had made me consider something else.
  14. Mmurin
    As long as you choose the right player app and music format, V20's freq response will be flat. Check it here:

    So what you will ear will be pure uncoloured ie800 sound.
    I tried them at a shop, and I can tell you the IE800 has very good clarity and instrument separation across the spectrum.
    Slightly V shaped, super fast bass, forward and detailed trebles.
    I would only recommend it if you like forward trebles.
    The guy at the shop told me that for this exact reason this IEM is chosen as a monitor by a lot of drummers.
    Personally I like a more bass-centric sound, and therefore I went with IE80s which, with foam tips, are also very good. Their bass is super-detailed.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
    Mej35 likes this.
  15. Mej35
    Dang, didn't know there was a "search this thread only" feature. Will do. Thanks.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
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