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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. Emulle
    Yea, below the power button.
    My box is plain white with no indication of B&O.
  2. Signal2Noise
    Hits & misses = pros & cons. Basically weighing in on features and a lack of features I figured paying 1/3 of the price what an unlocked V30 would cost the V20 was the way to go. I can wait for a true flagship mobile from whichever manufacturer to come along. Removeable battery and metal case of the V20 with extremely low price for unlocked sold me. Only thing missing is wireless charging (no metal case then) but second battery is a good trade off.

    Speaking of which, V20 arrived today! No B&O branding on box or phone. LG earphones included which can stay in the box. Battery charging now and will get all set up eventually. I bought the LG replacement battery and charge kit as well. V20 is practically same size as the 950XL. So far impressed for an almost 2 year old phone

    IMG_0876.JPG .
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  3. sherazshery
    I have lg g6 + and planning on buying hd 600. Will it be a good match with my phone since lg v20 and g6 use somewhat similar dac amp setup.

    I find the lg g6 lacking in even with bass heavy iem. I jave also heard that hd 600 has a warmer tone.

    Kindly share your thoughts.

  4. m-i-c-k-e-y
    HD600 are neutral HPs and are bass shy for others (just preferred neutral). Was thinking the warmer HD650. But since G6 (as you said) is shy on the bass, I think you want to try some cans that can kick (deep bass) like Fostex or ZMF.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  5. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Sorry, double post
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  6. Emulle
    I've got the HD650's, and my SO the LG G6 and as far as my ears can tell, I can hear no difference between my V20 and hers G6.
    Also, nowhere near lacking in bass on either phone.
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  7. jt25741
    I have a few headphones I listen to regularly with the V20. The HD600s are for me the best of the bunch, and are a breath of fresh air when listening. The V20 is clean and quiet, perhaps a bit less-so in high impedance mode to drive these, but still very pure, detailed, and spacious. The IC amp lacks some bass control and slam, but this is not a multi thousand dollar headphone amp. I do enjoy it more than my old Oppo HA-1, so I sold that :) In general, the V20 is all its derivatives are astounding sound quality for a phone or DAP.
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  8. jagwap
    This is great fix for LG phones:
    Sure there are other solutions like Neutron or rooting your phone, but this bypasses the android sample rate converter converting to 48kHz when you have 44.1kHz 16 bit files. It seem this sample rate converter is not well implemented, probably to save power. If you make sure you switch off adding dither, the files will not be bigger. I've found they are slightly smaller when you allow the conversion to take longer and optimise.

    I still haven't done blind listening, but I think this is not a small improvement on lossless files.
  9. Freefallr4545
    Got a used v20 coming from ebay on Tuesday. I have HTC m8 and the 10. This is my first non HTC phone. I'm looking to drive the earsonics 64. But from reading im really concerned about the sm3. Yes I'll do the aux trick,for the sm3,s and if it sounds ok I'll pick up an impedance adapter. But the earsonics sm3 with the HTC 10 is a dream for me. I shall see, but I'm hearing this v20 is mainly for high impedance. 64 should be ok. However I do use the ortofon e q5 for classical piano music. Sm3 cuts out the frequency too much. By the way I still love my m8 and use it mainly for music. I just replaced the battery, so it will be here for a while.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2018
  10. fjhuerta
    Sold the LG V20 again. It's an extraodinary phone, and an amazing DAC, but I grew tired of using impedance adapters. Fiio X5 iii won this one.
  11. Freefallr4545
    I think that's going to bother me too.. Although if it really rocks the earsonics sm64 I may keep it.
  12. Signal2Noise
    I've had my LG V20 for a week now. It is really a great phone for being almost a 2 years old release. However, on the audio side with its much hyped Quad DAC it still no match for any of my dedicated DAPs I have in my collection. I have not been "wowed" by it in any means.

    If I can bring only a single device with me in my travels of course I'll take the V20 (since it is a phone) and can live with using it as a DAP. But even now, going to work or elsewhere I'm still toting one of my other players to use specifically.

    I do think the V20 steps it up a bit from my older HTC One M8.
  13. tienbasse
    Your opinion and I respect it, but taking a look at your collection, I can already tell you I enjoy V20 more than X5iii and XDP-100R, by far. Same for DX200, which beside the clearly better detail retrieval, bores me to death. See? It's all personal. :wink:
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  14. Signal2Noise
    And I respect your opinion. However that did give me a good chuckle. Thanks for that.
  15. Freefallr4545
    Ok the used v20 came today instead of Tuesday . Truth be told I'm an HTC fan boy have 8,9 and 10. (sold the 9 about a month ago)

    This v20 is amazing for audio (my only concern) I could care less about cameras wide angle, second screens etc. I purchased this to push my Earsonics sm64 as the HTC 10 and 8 cannot push them loud enough for me.

    I have zero desire to purchase any side amps etc,(I'm a broke and not that great of a musician) so I was eager to try the 64s with the quad dac

    I am so impressed with the overall sound. it's only a first listen, but, off the bat the soundstage is what really hit me.

    ***Here's the thing. I also have the Earsonics sm3 (all time favorite, ever) and Ortofon e-q5, both that are under 50 ohms easily. The quad dac is engaged with these two phones also. I've tried both at least 4 times and the quad dac is engaged 100%. The ortofons are a dream with this v20.

    I can't explain like so many do on headfi but I'll try to be more specific with sound within the next few days.

    Thank you all for your input over the past years, and sharing your knowledge. I've read almost every page here, your information has been precious.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2018
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