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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. fjhuerta
    It's because of the wow factor. Remember I said that? I have them in my HT. They have very strong bass response, as you well noted, and their tweeters are bright and sparkly. This is exactly what you want on a HT. For hi - fi listening, they do kinda suck. They have a suck-out in the midrange (the most important part of the audio spectrum, and their bass is slow and tubby. My main speakers, when listened side by side with my Definitive Technology bipolars, are in a wholly different league, sound wise, for music.

    I still think there's some kind of sound processing going on in either the HTC or the LG. Sound differences between both sources whould be there, but they also should be minimal, and hard to discern. After all, both units have basically flat frequency responses into high impedance loads. It's not as if one of them has a ton of extra bass when connected to an amp.
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  2. Mmurin
    Having listened to both I'am inclined to say that the one with the coloured frequency response is the HTC10.
    Also the HTC 10 has more noisier noise floor, which is very apparent with low impedance IEM.
  3. tienbasse
    This was my impression with IEMs as well.
    HTC 10 reminded me of good old Huawei Mate 7, quite warm with very emphasized bass (slow decay = boom boom box).
    While V10/V20 don't have as much bass, it is still solid bass with more control.
  4. storpher
    Hello everybody, a newcomer here.
    Coming from a Rockboxed iPod Classic 7th Generation 160GB. HDD started dying and now I have to look for some alternatives. LG V20 is the one, so can anybody compare it to the Rockboxed iPod Classic 7th gen audio quality wise (if there's someone who's tried both of them)? What I liked about my Rockboxed iPod is the fact that the volume could go way up and I was scared to go over 0 dB (even with the low end headphones). Is it the same with V20 when it's running in normal mode? I read about tricking the phone into high impedance mode but how much can the battery last if it's used constantly like that? It's worth mentioning that I'm using Panasonic HJE120 and Sony XD150 headphones. I'm planning on buying more expensive ones in the future.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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  5. tienbasse
    If you don't use high impedance headphones, there is absolutely no use in tricking the phone into high impedance mode. Most people couldn't detect any change in sound quality doing this. Unless you have serious hearing impairement, normal mode is more than enough for your current gear.
    Regarding autonomy, it is not bad for a high-end smartphone, especially when it comes to music.
    And just know you can easily buy a 6400mAh replacement battery for 30$, or even a 9300 mAh for about 60$. Autonomy becomes unbelievable with the last one, I charge my V20 once a week even though I listen to music and play games about 2 hours per day, in addition of calls/tex/browsing.

    If you can, try to get your hands on the dual sim version (LG H990-DS), it has nearly all available phone bands, and it is delivered with a very honest pair of earphones that are already an upgrade from your current gear.
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  6. storpher
    Thanks very much for replying!

    Well, I don't have any hearing impairement, but I just read somewhere that some people are not satisfied with the maximum volume level when it's running in normal mode (doesn't feel so maximum to them), I guess they expect it to be so powerful so that it can damage their ears. Currently, my Rockboxed iPod 7th gen can definitely crush your ears if you get to near max volume. I'm used to that feeling of knowing that it can go way louder even though I may never turn the volume up (maybe just for the part of some song). I've got a question about volume control, on my current iPod it's going from -60 dB to 12 dB and you can change it one by one. I like it because I can really set the volume at the right amount I need it, I never feel like I want it a little more quiet or a bit louder. How is V20 dealing with this?

    Also, I'm a bit concerned about this bootloop issue. I mean, everything is perfect, V20 has an SD card slot, removable battery, great DAC, seems like a dream phone for audio lovers that can last a very long time, but what about this bootloop problem? Is it so big that I should maybe consider getting another audio smartphone or maybe a DAP like FiiO in the same price range. Though with my current gear I guess I wouldn't be able to hear any difference, but I'm planning on an upgrade soon, so I want to have a good foundation.

    Thanks for suggesting the version of V20. Actually, LG H990-DS is the only one I can get in my country with just one year of warranty and that's why this bootloop issue is bothering me very much.
  7. Signal2Noise
    I bought the V20 and should have it tomorrow.

    Microsoft has pretty much abandoned their Windows Phone platform even though it is really good hardware/OS despite the lack of apps compared to Android & iOS. I was eyeing the V30 but the thread here and discussions on other sets made me apprehensive spending that kind of money on a hit & miss device. So the V20 will be "stop gap" phone until something really flagship-worthy is released.

    I am curious about the Quad Dac audio but doubt it will replace any of my portable DAPs. I'm equally curious about the V20's performance compared to my old and often neglected HTC One M8 which in its heyday was fairly decent.
  8. m-i-c-k-e-y
    After a year of owning the LG V20 H990-DS, I could say that i am very satisfied with it as an every day phone. My only gripe is the power/finger sensor. They should move it at the sides.

    If finicky, a bit more CPU power. I experienced lag sometimes.

    For SQ, very satisfied for a Phone. I was thinking using it for everyday commuting and use/buy a separate DAC/Amp or DAP for business trips (when I am in the hotel). But since it is so good (but not better to my GO1K) esp. paired w/ my HD600, I ended up using it more. Trading SQ for convenience.

    - 4G+ w/ lots of tethering options
    - Dual Sim with dedicated microSD slot
    - 64Gb internal memory
    - Removable Battery
    - Quad DAC, Sound Quality
    - Secondary Screen, 1440 x 2560 main screen
    - Very good camera
    - Aluminum Body

    - Power botton and Finger sensor at the back, cumbersome.
    - Experience some lags esp. on game play.

    In short: Great all around phone. Especially for trips when you need some music.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
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  9. Emulle
    There is none bootloop issue with the V20.

    If you end up buying the H990DS, try to get one without B&O tuning.
    The debranded one is much more neutral without emphasized bass and bloated mids.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  10. RuiPP
    Could you please be more specific?
  11. storpher
    That's great to hear then, if that's the case I'm surely going for V20.

    How do I tell if the one does or doesn't come with B&O tuning? I can't get to see it or turn it on before buying it.
  12. Emulle
    I do believe it's stated on the box, or else the seller might be able to tell you.

    When I bought mine the stores had the unbranded & B&O version in different places and even different prices.
  13. storpher
    Is the B&O version the one that has B&O logo on the back?
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  14. m-i-c-k-e-y
    This box[​IMG]
  15. storpher
    The boxes are the same except that this one I'm getting does not have B&O logo in the top right. Does this mean I'll get V20 H990DS without B&O tuning?
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