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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. good sound
    The user replaceable battery has become absolutely indispensable for me. Don't know what I'm going to do when it comes time to replace this phone.
  2. cirodts
    the remote control and replaceable battery replaceable, the quad dac and the excellent camera make lg v20 unique
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  3. tienbasse
    V20 is merely an improvement over the already excellent V10. Battery is better managed on V20, camera is a bit better but not by much.
    The only point they didn't keep from V10 and should have are the +/- buttons above/below the finger sensor and the buttonless rounded metal sides that allowed a firm grip on the V10. I always fiddle to find the +/- buttons on the left side of V20, they're a bit too high to fall under the thumb.

    For me, they started compromising too much with V30. Non-removable battery, no second screen despite its usefulness. And the quad-dac has not evolved much in terms of settings, still the same "automatic" set-up. Honestly this was a let-down.
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  4. PaElgin
    I agree about the headphone, so I have purchased the Audio Technica M50X for when I want to be serious about listening (wallet said only buy cheap but at least I tried to get the best headphone under $200).

    Agreed. So many nice features continued from the V10 (which I have). The fact that the V20 is faster with better options for using the camera pushed me to the edge but I only bought because I found a good deal (purchased the V10 Google-locked and unlocked it last year, but lucked onto a great price for, and ordered, a V20 now.)

    I also am interested in the recording quality (as a musician) since it can record uncompressed. I do not see much about that here, but I am new to the V20 community.

    Phil in gorgeous Young Harris, Georgia, USA
  5. Emulle
    The recording quality is excellent. 24/192kHz in 2MBps, if I'm not mistaken.
  6. Jwtencza
    So...I bought the LG v20 to compare to the HTC 10. I'm still hoping that someone can answer my question as to if it's possible to adjust equalizer settings on LG v20 so they work universally across the phone with all apps.

    The HTC 10 doesn't have an equalizer like this but it does let you adjust some of the frequencies with their personal Audio Profiles- it is really nice and works universally with everything.

    Basically, the HTC destroys, DESTROYS, the LG v20 in sound quality- even before engaging a personal profile with the HTC. I had 2 LG v10s (thanks bootloop) and I knew as soon as I plugged the HTC 10 into my receiver it was special. And it's the same thing with the LG v20. The front channel vocals are much more constrained. The sound stage is more narrow. The bass, while not bad, has nowhere near as much oompf as the HTC 10. I have Def Tech speakers with 3 other stand alone subwoofers all tuned so I get great lower, mid and upper bass. You can feel all 3 of these with the HTC. With the LG, again, it's much more constrained. The LG sounds a little brighter and narrow compared to the HTC 10 which surprised me a little bit since the LG v10 always came across brighter. Don't get me wrong, the LG has great sound quality. If I didn't have the HTC to compare it wouldn't be too bad, but the HTC definitely wins out.

    I've tried some equalizer apps from the Play Store, but I never like these. Just 5 bands and each frequency change seems to affect other frequencies too. Any help here? I like the bigger screen and 2nd screen on the LG, but sound is more important to me. Thanks!
  7. tienbasse
    1) You tend to lose a lot of credibility the moment you use expressions like "destroys", "wipes the floor". Superlatives don't help, comparatives do.
    2) You'll have to specify how you connected the phone to your receiver, because this implies that you didn't use IEMs or headphones, so we don't know how the sound is transmitted to your speakers (line out or going through a sedentary dac, or wireless). So your comparison lacks clarity.
    3) My experience with HTC 10 with IEMs is not as positive as yours with speakers. While the HTC provides good sound, mids on the V20 are clearly better in terms of detail retrieval, while I couldn't really observe the HTC bass superiority due to IEMs not going as low as subwoofers. Without details, your conclusions may not be universal.
  8. oliwek2
    Test your LG V20 with qualitative headphones (not to mention HiFi DAC ON). If you still hear the same differences in sound quality, keep this extraordinary HTC phone, that performs better than all other people have commented here (in comparison to ESS DAC smartphones).
    It must be a really unique device.
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  9. bjaardker
    Unless you root your phone that's the only equalization option you have since everything uses the Android audio stack.

    Besides, why mess around with a device that's so clearly inferior to your unicorn HTC?
  10. fjhuerta
    The things you are describing cannot be explained by using two healthy devices with EQ set as flat.

    "Near as much oompf", "you can feel 3 of these with the HTC", etc. sound as if you had bass levels 6 dB or more higher on the HTC.

    I bet you couldn't hear this much difference between a midrange phone, and an LG V20 / V30 (the best phones for audio out there). It's impossible to hear those differences between an HTC and a V20. The differences are subtle, and hard to hear.

    Oh, BTW, "Def Tech" speakers kinda suck. I know. I have a complete Definitive Technology home theater. They use rather pedestrian tweeters and woofers (both made by VIFA, and available for around $19 each, last time I checked). They are tuned for "wow" factor, not for hi-fi. If you want to hear the differences between high end sources (if there are any), you'll need quite a better set up than that.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
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  11. Jwtencza
    ha ha, I'm not going to argue about the sound quality of Def Tech speakers....but I would love to know why you would own a sound system that sucks...that's very fascinating. I always return products I don't like, but to each their own I guess. I would agree that the Def Tech bass isn't amazing and that's why I have 3 other subwoofers to help out.

    So, I was a little over the top with the "HTC 10 destroys the LG V20", I agree with that, although I did mention later that the LG V20 does have great sound, the HTC is just even better. I have no idea how one could say it's impossible to hear the difference between two phones- it's extremely obvious. Going back and forth with the exact same song on each device with the phones connected to the receiver via a 3.5 mm to RCA connection, one could easily hear the difference in the tonal qualities and sound stage. Same thing with my Sennheiser headphones. Whether it was FLAC files, streaming off Amazon, or Netflix or Youtube the situation was the same.

    Thanks for the answer on the equalizer, I appreciate that. Don't won't want to root the phone though. I really do want to keep the LG- I like its bigger brighter screen, the 2nd screen, the widescreen camera and the ability to shoot both camera and video in manual- it's a great phone. But as my primary audio source throughout the day, I value the audio quality the most. I would probably get used to the LG sound and if would be fine...but now that I've heard the HTC...
  12. bjaardker
    That pretty much tells me everything I need to know.

    Don't feed the trolls folks.
  13. Jwtencza
    ha ha...wow, so I like bass, especially for movies, how strange is that? Having multiple subs let me run them at 1/4 power or less and position them in the room for a flat response- again, what kind of freak wants that? lol.

    Anyhow, I just came here to get an answer on the equalizer for the LG V20. I appreciate the answer- thanks! My comments on the sound quality are my opinion which I offered because I read much of this thread and saw that the HTC 10 came up quite a bit in it. But if you can't hear the difference between different phones something is very wrong or your hearing is shot. The difference is not subtle. jmho
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  14. jagwap
    There is nothing wrong with multiple subs. I have four. I helps add low frequencies without adding all the same resonances. But the way you describe your tuning of them suggests you like a pronounced or obvious bass. I do not engage my subs for music, only movies for the LFE channel. So I think we listen for different things. The V20 is very neutral, while the HTC from memory does highlight the bass more.

    When I tune subs in a system I do it so I cannot actually notice their contribution directly, but their absence is noticable when disabled. Try this: turn the crossover frequency down so it doesn't overlap the main speakers, then turn the subs down in level. Gradually increase the level until you can hear it, then back it off a few dB. It will take some fiddling to get it right, but when you do, test it with some music with a complex tight rhythm (blues, jazz, very well played rock). When correct the bass will no long be impressive, but tight and musical. It should not lead the rhythm, but be on it. Use the V20 for this as it is more accurate. Get used to it for a few days, then try the HTC and report back.

    If you are a true bass-head this may not be for you. But if you love music more, it may be enlightening.
  15. Purple_Star
    Sabre is a good balanced between power consumption and SQ, hence a lot of portable player manufacturers choose them. Anyway, I prefer BB and AKM over Ess though
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