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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. suicidal_orange
    Benediction - Transcend the Rubicon
  2. Redcarmoose
  3. campj
    An old classic.
  4. keepitsimple
  5. Aphexbug

  6. Redcarmoose
    This just in.
    Mastodon will release Mastodon Live At Brixton on December 10th in both audio and video versions, but what's interesting is this will be a digital-only release. No DVDs, no CDs, just iTunes and Amazon. The live set was taped at the band's debut performance at the Brixton Academy on February 11, 2012 and features the following set list:
    01. Dry Bone Valley
    02. Black Tongue
    03. Crystal Skull
    04. I Am Ahab
    05. Capillarian Crest
    06. Colony of Birchmen
    07. Megalodon
    08. Thickening
    09. Blasteroid
    10. Sleeping Giant
    11. Ghost of Karelia
    12. All The Heavy Lifting
    13. Spectrelight
    14. Curl of the Burl
    15. Bedazzled Fingernails
    16. Circle of Cysquatch
    17. Aqua Dementia
    18. Crack The Skye
    19. Where Strides The Behemoth
    20. Iron Tusk
    21. March of the Fireants
    22. Blood and Thunder
    23. Creature Lives
  7. keepitsimple
    I call this song the jaw dropper for obvious reasons.

  8. markm1
    Hey guys,
    I'm a teacher in MD w/ a snow day! Must peter you all with music ramblings. If I annoy you, hit delete.
    Seems I'm moving away from listening to mostly metal to being a  music fan who listens to some metal. Just not drawn to DM as much as a couple of years ago. I find myself purchasing prog, traditional rock, folk and ambient in equal or more quantity. 
    NTL, I'm catching up on metal releases I think I'll like going through all the year end lists.
    I think it was Modulor-a man with great taste, that tipped me to Windhand's Soma-Richmond VA doom. If you like doom-this is a no brainer to me. I'm missing that great YOB, Boris, Electric Wizard release.  Of all the stuff I streamed this weekend, this appeals to me the most.
    If you're newish to doom and like this style and want to some digging, I recommend a stoner/doom band called Acid King. Windhand reminds me a tad of their guitar sound...although Acid King in retrospect almost go into drone territory. Their '99 release, Busse Woods is a classic in the stoner doom psychedelic genre.....
    Speaking of drone, but non metal, I've also been streaming Tim Hecker's Virgins is beautiful. I would say, if you like Alcest's more introspective moments, you might like him. Caveat, this is not metal. But, if you liked Swans' Seer as I do, this is a natural:
    Also have been listening/streaming:
    Agrimona-just ordered-sounds awesome to my tastes of BM and postisms
    Ken Mode-just ordered as I like hardcore/noise rock when melded well w/ metal
    The Ocean-I'm sure I'll end up with this. Like the prog. Metalcore vocals are hard for me to reconcile which is why I can't get into Norma Jean
    Russian Circles-maybe not metal exactly, but it brings me back to post metal I used to listen to a lot like Pelican and Red Sparrowes
    Monster Magnet-not really metal, but a good hard rock band! Their new album sounds as good as the new Motorhead in the old veterans category
    Stuff I want to check out but haven't been able to listen to yet-and anticipate liking:
    All Pigs Must Die, Kevelertak, Castavet (really enjoyed their first release-interesting melding of BM and hardcore), Vastum (actual DM! Carnal Law from a year or two ago is a favorite of mine), Inquisition, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Earthless (stoner jam band with lots of talent). Oh,  and Shining (jazzish metal and Twelve Foot Ninja) sound interesting. Always looking for that weird avante guard metal. Last year it was Sigh.
    Finally, some of the stuff I recently actually own and dig:
    CUL (most listened to for me this year)
    Batillus-industrial doom-good stuff
    Darkthrone (not essential-but damn fun-thanks Redcarmoose!)
    Alter of Plagues-really grown to like this
    Motorhead and Clutch-rawk 'n' roll
    I know these are all obvious-but I dig them all.
    Not metal but great:
    NIN and QOTSA-almost metal, but not
    Speedy Ortiz (if you have any interest in old school 90's indie rock that rocks like Dinosaur Jr)
    Pat Metheny/Tap-jazz w/ some noise rock
    Stephen Wilson-a metal connection if there ever was one-decidedly not metal, but a lot of metal heads luv prog!
    Bob Dylan-Another Self Portrait-was prepared to hate, luv it
    Civil Wars
    Juliana Barwich
    Board of Canada
    Dropkick Murphy's-love the working class Irish drinking music!
    a schit ton of old classic rock, folk and blues that I'll spare you :)
    (ahem, but the Wings Over America remaster is awesome)
  9. Redcarmoose
    The new one?[​IMG]
  10. markm1

    Yeah-man, it was your post that spurned me to pick up The Undergroud Resistance. I hadn't bought anything since the seminal classics. It's great. Not on any lists. Maybe a little derivative, but shiiit it's tons of fun.
  11. Redcarmoose
    That was fun. Still those bass lines and breaks are like Merciful Fate and like Priest, only maybe more erratic and prog-like. I try to get more excited about the retro wave that is hitting us now.
    Is Evil a new release?
    I guess it's suppose to be a little cheesy, with [​IMG]the bands name at the five minute mark. Of course the leads are great and frigging save it all as they always did with classic metal.
    Have you heard Shock Em Dead by Psyconaut. Sound almost exactly the same. If you love your song you posted you'll love Shock Em Dead.
    This is maybe their worst song?
  12. markm1
    Yes, I'm bored.
    Just streamed the entire Ocean: Pelagial. Yes, I know it is on the entire Metalsucks staff lists. But,  I just had to check it out. Wow. talk about a variety of styles and ambition! Clean and harsh vocals, prog metal, doom, post rock. Pretty impressive first time thru.
    Now streaming All Pigs Must Die. This music will make you want to break objects and bench press 400 pounds. Can you feel the testosterone? Not sure if life pisses me off enough to listen to more than a few times.
  13. Redcarmoose
    ohh? It's from 1984..............how cute.
  14. Tom Yum Goong
    What an amazing song!

  15. Redcarmoose

    Sabbaths new live album is fantastic.
    I never thought they would show Ozzy's teleprompter he uses to read the lyrics but they show it if you look close.
    ozzy.png Here it is at the 2.29 mark.
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